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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
847543204 ASAP Semiconductor PHOENIX SOFTWARE Not Provided HEAT SINK REV 2.1

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  • Heat Exchanger Design using CCTHERM Software (.pdf)
    CCTHERM is an integrated software module for design and rating of heat transfer equipment. ChemCad CCTherm Heat Exchanger Simulation Program A Users’ Overview. CHEMCAD CCTHERM. Heat Exchanger Simulation Program. By Donald (Don) Montierth, P.E. mol`bpp. “Excellence in Applied Chemical
  • Tanks & Vats Calculator: Heat Loss
    Find the heat losses from rectangular and cylindrical tanks for the start-up and running conditions. The calculator determines the heating requirment to satisfy the larger of the two heat loads, and then informs of the diameter and length of steam coil required to satisfy the conditions
  • Software takes the heat off electronics
    as accessories such as power supplies, front panels, end monitors, and extender boards. We use Flotherm to calculate air velocities and flow rates over slots and cards and for detailed heat-transfer analysis of embedded-chassis designs. When developing a chassis to be used with high-capacity, high-power
  • Designing Heat Meters Using PIC16F9XX Microcontrollers
    TB1092 Designing Heat Meters using PIC16F9XX Microcontrollers Water meters output in three forms: cubic feet, gallons Author: Rodger Richey and Ezana Haile or cubic meters. We need to calculate the mass flow Microchip Technology Inc. rate in terms of kilograms per second for use in our heat
    In amine sweetening units, the heat of absorption and VOC and BTEX solubility have been found to vary significantly with acid gas loading as well as with temperature, amine type, and amine concentration. The heat of absorption declines by up to 20% while VOC and BTEX solubility can drop by as much
  • Control & Monitoring of Heat Distribution
    and control key system points like boiler rooms and heat transfer stations, and the remote heat meters at customer locations must be able to report their data to the invoice processing software in the central office
  • Sizing Circuit Breakers for Self-Regulating Heat Tracers (.pdf)
    Circuit breaker sizing for S/R tracers is quite easily accomplished by using the specification sheet data or CompuTrace (R) heat tracing design software. However, sometimes an engineer or designer asks "What is the technical basis for sizing data and the resulting design values?" This ThermoTip
  • Process Heat Transfer: Principles and Applications
    Process Heat Transfer: Principles and Applications. Providing the background needed to understand and master the commercial software packages used by professional engineers, this text investigates the design and implementation of industrial heat exchangers. Books24x7

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