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  • Industry Reference: Electronics Industry - Heater Applications and Solutions
    on outdoor ATM facilities to prevent condensation build-up that may lead to cold-weather malfunction. An ID card laminating system for producing bank ATM cards requires three different etched foil heater designs. Thermal Circuits designed a radiant ceramic panel emitter for a prelaminating film
  • How to Facilitate Proper & Repeatable Integration of Thermal Sensors
    componentry to medical OEMs, Thermal Circuits is a 50 year old custom heater specialist designing, engineering, and producing etched foil heater assemblies with thermal sensors. Optimizing the utility of a thermal sensor is a critical success factor in every application. To facilitate proper
  • Etched-foil elements provide significant advantages in sensitive applications
    component within the oven. Not only would the heater short out, but the reliability failure became a hazard to the oven's operator. The company approached Thermal Circuits of Salem, Massachusetts to help diagnose the cause of the problem and develop a solution. Thermal Circuits - Case Study
  • Full Overheating Protection
    the sensor due to hot. abnormal temperature variations and prevents overheating. Here, the technol-. spots or thermal drift. ogy is applied to a flow-through heater for the point-of-use and beverage water. “Thick film heating elements, as we develop and produce them,. heating delivery. The sensor
  • Convection For Heat Cure In Medical Appliances Bring Healthy Solutions
    , into a tube. The outer larger cylinder has a dual nature. It directs the flow of air, similar to ductwork, and provides a dielectric shell for safety. Finally, thermal fuses are incorporated as a fail-safe measure to enable U.L. recognition of the hybridization oven. This added feature protects the entire
  • Medical Device Link .
    are also available. Sensortechnics GmbH, Puchheim, Germany. Ceramic Heater Features Minimal Leakage. A ceramic heater pairs the thermal conductivity of aluminium nitride construction with a thermally matched heating element. The assembly provides fast response times in a low-mass package. The Ultramic
  • Case Study - Sealing Caramel-filled Chocolates
    and there is no need for any retraction equipment, as the low thermal mass, carbon fibre elements, operating at a temperature of around 1500 K, combine the energy-efficiency of medium wave infrared with very rapid response and precise controllability. Consequently, the infrared system can be switched on, when
  • Medical Device Link .
    along the seam to fuse the cover to the housing. Laser welding is thus conduction limited and melts only a narrow zone of material. The zone adjacent to the fusion zone is referred to as the heat-affected zone (HAZ). In this area, fusion has not occurred but the thermal exposure has been high enough

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