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  • Evaluation of the Operating Range of Partially Premixed Combustion in a Multi Cylinder Heavy Duty Engine with Extensive EGR (.pdf)
    . This paper investigates the operating region of single injection diesel PPC in a multi cylinder heavy duty engine resembling a standard build production engine. Microsoft Word - 2009-01-1127_update.doc. 2009-01-1127. Evaluation of the Operating Range of Partially Premixed Combustion. in a Multi
  • Development of an Emission Controls Concept for an IDI Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Meeting 2007 Phase-In Emission Standards (.pdf)
    . 2007-01-0235. Development of an Emission Controls Concept. for an IDI Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Meeting. 2007 Phase-In Emission Standards. Marek Tatur, Martin Laermann, Erik Koehler and Dean Tomazic. FEV Engine Technology. Taylor Holland, David Robinson and Jeffrey Dowell. AM General. Kenneth Price
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Air Compressors
    the air. A con-. necting rod transforms the rotary motion of the crankshaft into reciprocating piston motion. in the cylinder. Depending on the application, the rotating crank (or eccentric) is driven at. constant speed by a suitable prime mover. Separate inlet and discharge valves react to. variations
  • The Impact of Injection Strategies on Emissions Reduction and Power Output of Future Diesel Engines (.pdf)
    Future light, medium and heavy duty diesel engines will need to satisfy the more stringent emission levels (US 2014, Euro 6, etc.) without compromising their current performance and fuel economy, while still maintaining a competitive cost. In order to achieve this, the Fuel Injection Equipment (FIE
  • Semi Tractor Seats
    trolley with a Unified box rail truck. Custom designed end-effector consisting of three components: spatula, trapping fingers and an air powered round disk to effectively trap the variety of seats being handled. Vertical Lift Cylinder Positech's pneumatic Vertical Lift Cylinder (V-Lift) is ideal
  • Cart
    operations when combined with an overhead rail system or a Positech Articulated Jib Boom. Exceptional off-center payload handling for reach-in applications is derived from the vertical lifter's heavy-duty industry-leading design, which uses external cylinder tie rods and dual linear bearings
  • Oxygen Usage - Best Practice Guide
    Inlet < 150 psig. O2 Inlet 150 psig or Higher. Single Stage. 5 : 1. 6 : 1. Two Stage. 25 : 1. 36 : 1. Three Stage. 45 : 1. For heavy duty, continuously operating applications, we recommend that the above compression ratios. be reduced even further, where feasible, with additional staging
  • Powder Metal Designs Win PowderMet 2009 Awards
    and appliances, hand tool and recreation, and aerospace and military categories. The automotive-engine grand prize went to a powdered-metal (PM) steel manifold developed by , Carson, Calif., and Capstan's customer , Bloomfield, Conn. The manifold, assembled with a solenoid into the valve-train of a heavy-duty