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  • Cordage, Rope, and Webbing-Image
    Cordage, Rope, and Webbing - (378 companies)
    ...and webbing are often made of synthetic or polymer materials, natural fibers such as cotton and wool, and acetate and triacetate fibers. Choices for material type also include acrylic and modacrylic, aramid, elastomeric, nylon or polyamide, olefin... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Natural Fibers and Fabrics-Image
    Natural Fibers and Fabrics - (211 companies)
    ...various types of cords, lines, ropes, and strings. Rope is used in material handling, shipping, construction, logging, and marine applications. Webbing is a textile product that is supplied as a woven ribbon, strapping, or tape. Webbing unravels when... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors-Image
    Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors - (178 companies)
    How to Select Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors. Image credit: LADD Industries | Sineco | Future Electronics. Heavy duty rectangular connectors are designed to accommodate large electrical loads and direct signals under a multitude of operating... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Heavy Equipment Repair Services - (74 companies)
    Heavy equipment repair services specialize in the repair and maintenance of heavy-duty machines and vehicles typically used in earth moving and construction applications. Equipment specially designed for executing construction tasks – most often... Learn More
  • Banding and Strapping-Image
    Banding and Strapping - (276 companies)
    Association of Railroads (AAR) and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM). A-A-131 - RUBBER BANDS. A-A-2027 - STRAPPING, NONMETALLIC (NYLON, FLAT AND CONNECTORS. A-A-2111 - SEALS, STRAPPING (HEAVY DUTY, STEEL, FLAT). A-A-687 - STRAPPING... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Tie Down Straps - (170 companies)
    ...straps that include hooks at each end and a ratcheted tightening mechanism. Like cam buckles, cargo straps are often sold in pairs. Axle tie down straps are rated for heavy loads and can be used to secure automobiles and heavy machinery for transport... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Off Road and Heavy Equipment Services - (32 companies)
    Off Road and Heavy Equipment Services Information. Off road and heavy equipment services provide coating, finishing, part fabrication, processing, repair and maintenance, testing, manufacturing, and other engineering services to the off road... Learn More
  • Furniture - (830 companies)
    ...or heavy-duty, and flat or tilted. Other more specialized furniture options are also available, such as ball transfer stations that assist with packing and production processes. Two ways to efficiently store materials and reduce clutter is to choose... Learn More
  • Swabs and Cleaning Sticks - (53 companies)
    Swabs and cleaning sticks consist of a small wad of nonwoven, cotton, microfiber or foam wrapped around either one or both ends of a short wood, paper, or plastic rod or tube for use in medical, fiber optic, laboratory, electronic and other critical... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Construction and Demolition Attachments - (255 companies)
    ...recycling and reclamation. Types of Construction and Demolition Attachments. There are many different types of construction and demolition attachments. Buckets are designed for heavy-duty digging. They vary in terms of width, but often have replaceable... Learn More
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