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    incremental 861. crude ore to pellets and from mine to. model is used to gauge the location. harbor. and speed of the ore trains, but you. can also fi nd Leine. Leine & Linde 861 heavy-duty encoders,. & Linde products. Leine & Linde heavy-duty. elsewhere in the mine. The pulse en-. along with other
  • Regular Weekly Maintenance on Mixers
    Gal. Flange Mount Mixer. Plate Mount Mixer. Top Entry. Med. Mixers 30-1000 Gal. Economy Clamp Mount. Heavy Duty Clamp Mount. Drum Mixers. Bung Mount. Tri-Clamp Mount. Drum Clamp Mixer. Drum Lid Mount. Drum Bracket Mount. Economy Tote Bracket. Tote Bracket Mount. Sm. Mixers 1-50 Gal. Air Stirrer
  • Medical Device Link .
    the manufacturing process," he says. The focus groups were asked to fill out sophisticated questionnaires and were interviewed extensively for their input. This research helped designers fine-tune the product's appearance as well as function. "We didn't want a heavy-duty industrial look, like

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  • A sampling directional current meter
    Damage to the instrument was accomplished with a hand -operated winch , the drum of which was divided into two compartments, one containing the... ...the other the ten-core electric cable and the 2 in. bore heavy duty rubber hose carrying the...
  • A Post-frame Barn for the Cable-hoist Tobacco Housing System
    The method consisted of heavy - duty pulleys suspended from a strong structural member at the top of the barn and from... ...up through two pulleys, over to two pulleys at a post, and down to a hand winch near ground level which...
  • Henry Cooch & Son Ltd
    The 10 m and 12 m units are offered with a choice of powered rotating masthead and hand winch or a hydraulically raised mast. The trailer-mounted units are based on a heavy - duty two-wheel chassis with towbar and drawbar, overrun and parking brakes.
  • ( conventionally considered to be more powerful than a microcomputer'). g(104603558,'a horizontal surface for supporting objects used in working or playing games'). g(104603729,'a table designed for a particular task'). g(104603872,' heavy - duty clothes for manual or... ...been wrecked; "they searched the wreckage for signs of survivors"'). g(104606574,'a hand tool that is... ...'either end of the yard of a square-rigged ship'). g(104611470,'a winch (or system of...
  • Hoisting machines
    Fig. 2 Powered and hand winches . (a) Heavy - duty single-drum winch.
  • Water Wells and Boreholes
    ...on a mast, beneath a sheave on the free end of a spudding arm (which imparts the reciprocating motion to the tool string), over the sheave at the base of a spudding arm, and is then wound on a heavy - duty winch . The cable is a nonpreformed, left- hand lay, steel-wire rope.
  • Elliott Group Ltd
    Telescopic and tilt-over gear are controlled by hand -operated winches . The units are mounted on trailers fitted with heavy - duty torsion bar suspension and overrun and parking brakes.
  • Mine locomotives
    ...battery must be changed once per shift, or even twice per shift, if the duty is severe. The former method is satisfactory for small batteries, but 3 or 4 tons is a heavy load to handle quickly with a hand block or winch (power cranes are not always easy to provide in an underground garage).
  • A unit for cooling and loading iron into cars
    Raising and lowering of the chutes is accomplished by a hand winch and a system of pulley suspensions with a securing device. The iron passes along the stationary chutes from the tilting chute onto the belts of the receiving conveyers- heavy - duty apron conveyers which pass through the water bath.