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  • ALICE electromagnetic calorimeter prototype test
    The modules will be stacked on top of a thin " lazy - susan " bearing system sitting on top of a moveable platform, to allow the EMCal response dependence on the angle of incidence to be investigated. The moveable platform will consist of a heavy duty horizontal slider/table presently available in the test beam area, provided by Fermilab.
  • CR4 - Thread: What is the Metal Part Called in this Movie
    Shopping results for lazy susan bearing plate Here's a heavy duty version: .
  • Triangle Introduces Split Bearings For Ease Of Accessibility
    Triangle provides split bearings in various sizes, with bores ranging from .379 to a .50 bore, that is ideal for light to heavy duty applications. Whether you need lazy susan bearings and HVAC components, pillow block mountings and blower bearing brackets or rod ends and direct-drive motor mounts, you can rely on Triangle Manufacturing's Creative Engineering.
  • Shopping In Electrical - Big Bruin
    VXB - 300 lbs Capacity 4 Lazy Susan Bearing 5/16 Thick Turntable Bearings 300 lbs Capacity 4 Lazy Susan Bearing 5/16 Thick 300 lbs Capacity 4 Lazy Susan Bearing 5/16 Thick * 4 square plate * 1/4 ball bearings * 300 lbs. max * 12 to 25... ...tamper Resistant,almond 36y718 36Y718 Usb Charger, Tamper Resistant Receptacle, Grade Residential, Commercial Duty , 1/2 Hp, Amps... ...for this item This item is only shipped inside the USA Long-lasting, heavy -duty lubricant in...
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  • Choosing and Using a Dobsonian Telescope
    Company founder Peter Smitka abandoned the typical cylindrical optical tube and Lazy Susan cradle mount and replaced it with a telescope that sits inside a hollow sphere that moves rather like a ball-and-socket joint. The optical tube has two altitude bearings like “ears�? that rest on the bearing cylinders of the... That said, I tossed it regularly into the car, together with a heavy - duty Orion soft bag, and it holds collimation well even after long trips.
  • CR4 - Thread: Swivel Type Hardware
    I see the over all idea is backing the square type, heavy duty more than the lower type ring inside of a ring. From what I've seen the lazy susan would be what you need to build up in height. I've also seen low-profile ball bearings for lazy susans in 3 different diameters.
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