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    for Medical Electronics. A new leak detection procedure that enables helium to accumulate means that even very small leaks are detectable. John Pernicka. The need for reliability in implantable medical electronic devices is paramount. Quite often, a patient 's health depends on the integrity
    this integrity, pressure decay or leak testing is the most common. Helium or Ion leak. detection systems work very well but require expensive equipment and may exceed the requirements necessary. Pressure decay utilizing a pressure transmitter is simple to use, cost effective and can be more efficient
  • Wired 8.08: A Helium Shortage?
    welding (helium creates an inert atmosphere around the flame) and leak detection (hydrogen has a smaller atom, but it usually forms a diatomic molecule, H2). NASA uses it to pressurize space shuttle fuel tanks: The Kennedy Space Center alone uses more than 75 million cubic feet annually. Liquid helium
  • Technical Article: Automotive Leak Testing
    . Leak Testing / Detection. Micro-Flow Technology. How Does it Work?. Micro-Flow Sensors. Publications. Leak Testing Products. Leak Testing Instrumentation. Equivalent Channels. Equivalent Diameter. Leak-Tek (C) Program. Leak-Rx (C) Program. Adaptive Test. Leak Detection Testing Applications
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    potential techniques that can be used to detect a leak path in these types of medical device. One employs helium leak detection because often the helium will find its way through the liquid. The other uses high vacuum and boils off liquid as it emerges from the leak path. Even when there is a small
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    and is tested for hermeticity using fine helium leak detection methods. Batteries are not needed to power the device. Instead, a miniature coil located within the implant harvests energy from an externally applied alternating field. The remote powering coil is secured to the outside of the patient 's
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    , jars, bottles, and vials can be tested on a helium leak detection system. A vacuum test fixture, head-space analysis module, and a data acquisition and analysis module combine to make the SIMS 1282+ an integrated, oil-free package-integrity monitoring system with applications
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    or environmental exposure can be accommodated. Harrington Arthritis Research Center, 300 N. 18th St., Phoenix, AZ 85006. Helium leak detection Helium mass spectrometry can be used to test a variety of medical devices for leaks. The machines can be configured to test one or more products

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