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  • Use of HEPA Filters in Biological Safety Cabinets
    , or prevent health problems from prolonged exposure to allergens. How airborne particulates are controlled varies from industry to industry and from an occupational setting to a home environment. To better understand why HEPA filters are used in the biological safety cabinet industry, it is necessary
  • MICRO: Defect/Yield Analysis - Kumar (January 2001)
    cleanrooms. The outgassing of these compounds from HEPA or ULPA filter polyurethane material (also known as potting compounds) has disrupted processing at several semiconductor facilities. Potting compounds are used to seal the edges of the pleated filter media to HEPA and ULPA filter housings
  • MICRO:Extreme Silicon by Michael G. Harrison p.83 (June '99)
    particles moving through the HEPA and ULPA filters in cleanroom and minienvironment air supplies rub against the filter media, they generate a triboelectric surface charge. These charged particles are then attracted to surfaces with the opposite charge, which can quickly cause process equipment, wafer
  • CETA Application Guide for the Exhaust System Requirements of Class II, Type B Biosafety Cabinets CAG-007-2010 March 24, 2010 (.pdf)
    Class II BSC's integral HEPA or ULPA filters remove particulates, but they do not remove gases. If volatile toxic chemicals are used in a Class II BSC, the cabinet's exhaust airflow must be removed from the room and subsequently from the facility. The selection and use of volatile toxic chemicals

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