Products/Services for Hermetically Sealed Heat Detectors

    Sealers and Seal Coatings - (256 companies)
    Sealers and seal coatings are used to seal surfaces or to form a barrier on a surface. They differ from sealants, which are used to seal joints or gaps between surfaces. Basic Description. Sealers and seal coatings are used to seal surfaces...
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  • Hermetic Sealing Services-Image
    Hermetic Sealing Services - (55 companies)
    Hermetic seals provide a vacuum or leak tight seal such as a brazed glass-to-metal seal. How To Select Hermetic Sealing Services. Image Credit: PFC| Schott. Hermetic seals provide a vacuum or leak-tight seal, insulate or channel electricity...
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  • Form, Fill, and Seal Machines-Image
    Form, Fill, and Seal Machines - (489 companies)
    Form, fill and seal machines are packaging equipment that uses flexible, heat-sealable, plastic film to form packages that can be filled with a product and then sealed, and cut. There are many types of form, fill, and seal machines. Forming machines...
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  • Heat Exchangers-Image
    Heat Exchangers - (1454 companies)
    ...between them. Plates are more efficient than comparatively sized tubes because of their corrugation and large surface areas. Unfortunately, it is difficult to make reliable seals for large gaskets between these plates, often limiting these heat...
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  • Heat Detectors-Image
    Heat Detectors - (113 companies)
    Heat detectors are fire detection devices that sense heat produced by combustion. Heat detectors can trigger an alarm when they detect rapid temperature rise or reach a preset temperature. Heat detectors are fire detection devices that sense heat...
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    Bags and Sacks - (837 companies)
    ...such as fasteners, electronics, or food products. Polybags can be configured with sliding lock zippers, or be sealed using a heated sealing element. They can also be used to shrink-wrap some items. With shrink wrapping, the application of heat causes the plastic...
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    RF Power Detector ICs - (8 companies)
    RF Power Detector IC's. are chips that detect the presence and strength of an RF signals and provide a corresponding output. Description. Radio Frequency (RF) Power Detector ICs are chips that detect the presence and strength of an RF signals...
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    Seal Repair Services - (36 companies)
    Seal Repair Services Information. Seal repair services refurbish and repair seals and related seal components. Services can provide low-cost alternatives to typical fixed cost options for expensive seals. Seal repair services typically include...
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    Heat Pipes - (56 companies)
    Heat pipes are self-contained heat pumps that can transport heat at high rates over fairly substantial distances with no external pumping power. Heat pipes are made out of aluminum or copper and are lined with a wicking material such as a ceramic...
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    Heat Pumps - (290 companies)
    Heat pumps are reverse cycle air conditioners. They use a compression cycle system to supply heat or remove heat from a temperature-controlled space. Heat pumps are reverse cycle air conditioners. Heat pumps use a complete cycle system to supply...
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  • Pyroelectric Thermal Imaging Devices
    Thevalue of g is largely determinedby heat flow through the dry nitrogen inwhich the detector is hermetically sealed .
  • Application of graphene membrane in micro-Golay cell array
    The most sensitive room-temperature incoherent TeraHertz (THz) detector on the market today is the Golay cell, invented by Marcel … … deflects due to expansion of the air or gas in a hermetically sealed chamber that is heated due to impinging radiation.
  • The lifetime of the free neutron
    1, ultracold-neutrondetector; 2, detector gate; 3, shaft of dir-shaped gate; 4, bellows unit; 5, packet of plates; 6, vacuum housing; 7, heat -shield: 8, heater: 9. liquid-nitrogen wil; 10, hermetically sealed valve for evacuating the vessel; 11, core; 12 …
  • CeF3 , PuF3 Solubility in LiF–NaF–KF Melt
    … to the solubility limit ~20 mol. frac- tion at 700°C; 2) the crucible was placed into the experimental cell, which was hermetically sealed and filled with purified argon; heating was switched on and … … 6 h; moving the detector along the melt col …
  • The Messenger Mission to Mercury
    The detector is rigidly clamped in a hermetically sealed A1 capsule pressurized with clean, dry nitrogen. … by a mechanical cryocooler attached to an external passive radiator that rejects its heat to cold space.