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  • Pyroelectric Thermal Imaging Devices
    Thevalue of g is largely determinedby heat flow through the dry nitrogen inwhich the detector is hermetically sealed .
  • Application of graphene membrane in micro-Golay cell array
    The most sensitive room-temperature incoherent TeraHertz (THz) detector on the market today is the Golay cell, invented by Marcel... ...deflects due to expansion of the air or gas in a hermetically sealed chamber that is heated due to impinging radiation.
  • The lifetime of the free neutron
    1, ultracold-neutrondetector; 2, detector gate; 3, shaft of dir-shaped gate; 4, bellows unit; 5, packet of plates; 6, vacuum housing; 7, heat -shield: 8, heater: 9. liquid-nitrogen wil; 10, hermetically sealed valve for evacuating the vessel; 11, core; 12...
  • The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology - Index
    ...packaging, electrostatic discharge packaging, 395–396 Heat stabilizers: film materials, rigid poly(vinyl chloride), 494 flexible PVC film, 464–466 Heat sterilization, medical device packaging... ...performance, 562 Helium leak detector , 1212 HemoTempII indicator, 584... ...process, polymeric materials, 939 Hermetically sealed packages, highvoltage leak detection...
  • CeF3 , PuF3 Solubility in LiF–NaF–KF Melt the solubility limit ~20 mol. frac- tion at 700°C; 2) the crucible was placed into the experimental cell, which was hermetically sealed and filled with purified argon; heating was switched on and... ...6 h; moving the detector along the melt col...
  • The Messenger Mission to Mercury
    The detector is rigidly clamped in a hermetically sealed A1 capsule pressurized with clean, dry nitrogen. a mechanical cryocooler attached to an external passive radiator that rejects its heat to cold space.