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  • Application: Testing IC's Using Reed Relays
    . 135. 150. 165. Ohms. Coil Voltage. 5.0. Volts. MEDER’s reed relays use hermetically sealed reed switches that are further. Max Pull-in Voltage. 3.75 Volts. packaged in strong high strength thermoset molding compound, and can. Min. Drop-out. 0.85. Volts. Re. R e. e d. e. d Swi. w t. i c. t h. h.
  • Application: Adaptable High Temp Multi-Float Level Sensor (.pdf)
    High temperature liquid environments have been around for a long time without any accurate, easy method of measuring their liquid levels. MEDER has solved this problem with their hermetically sealed reed based sensing systems, which allows their float systems to exist in operating temperatures up
  • Application: Intrinsically Safe Push Button Reed Sensor (.pdf)
    represent a real switching solution with their hermetically sealed contacts. Microsoft Word - Ex-Approved Push Button Sensor.doc Ex. E -Ap. A p. p r. p o. r v. o e. v d. e. d (I. ( n. I t. n r. t i. r ns. n i. s ca. c l. a y. l. y Sa. S f. a e. f ). e Pu. P s. u h. s. h Bu. B t. u t. t o. t n. o. n
  • Application: Automobile Brake Float Level Sensor (.pdf)
    When applying one's foot to the brake pedal, it is taken for granted that the braking mechanism will begin to slow or stop the vehicle. A hermetically sealed reed switch plays a key reliability role by monitoring that the brake fluid level is maintained at its proper level. Low brake fluid level
  • Gas Tank Lid Monitoring Sensor (.pdf)
    . Detecting if the lid and gas cap are in place designers have turned to the Reed Sensor which uses hermetically sealed reed switches, and are further packaged in a tough plastic encapsulation. Microsoft Word - Gas_Tank_Lid_Monitoring_Sensor.doc Ga. G s. a. s T. a. T n. a k. n. k L. i. L d. d
  • Application: Off Hook Telephone Switching (.pdf)
    the reliability of the electrical on/off connection. MEDER has developed several packages that use hermetically sealed reed switches that completely eliminate this reliability issue. Microsoft Word - Off Hook Switching for Telephone Sets.doc Of. O f. f. f H. o. H o. o k. o. k S. w. S i. w tc. t h. c i
  • Application: Hydraulic End Limit Position Sensor (.pdf)
    prematurely or may have limited life cycles. Dirty environments can exacerbate the problem. Now designers have turned to the Reed Sensor which uses hermetically sealed reed switches, which are ideal for critical requirements where reliability is essential. Microsoft Word - Hydraulics_End_Limit
  • Medical Device Link . Implementing MEMS Technology in Today's Medical Electronics
    are handled in assembly and test can have a major effect on the product cost. A sensing element and ASIC can form a complete amplified and calibrated device. The sensor is placed in a hermetically sealed package, which is designed to mount either flat or on its side. The package can come in plastic

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