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    fit inside a snow-pea pod. The components (from left to right) include a surface wave acoustic sensor array, a preconcentrator to absorb or adsorb chemical vapors, and a gas-chromatograph column. Determining the optimum hole diameter was a challenge, according to Ferrari, because the actual size
  • Is fungal treatment beneficial?
    Extractives by Gas Chromatography A gas chromatograph (HP5890 Series II Plus, Hewlett Packard) with a flame ionization detector was used for the analysis of the wood extractives. A short capillary column (2-metre non-polar HP-5 column from Hewlett Packard) was used. The use of short capillary columns
  • Fungal pitch control
    of 10 nm, 50 nm, 100 nm and 1000 nm respectively. Molecular masses were determined using polystyrene standards and an Erma 7510 refractive index (RI) detector. Gas chromatographyExtracts were methylated with diazomethane (Christie, 1992). Methylated extracts were analysed with a Hewlett Packard 6890