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  • Fundamentals of Dynamic Signal Analysis
    of this bandpass filter is a sine. wave. Notice how easy it is to predict the output of any. network from its frequency response. The spectrum of. the input signal is multiplied by the frequency response. of the network to determine the components that appear. in the output spectrum. This frequency domain
  • AN112 Filtering in Signal Conditioning Modules, SCMs
    of filter fundamentals primarily focused on the. amplitude response of low-pass (LP) filters needed in. industrial signal conditioning modules. 1. Brief Review of Some Fundamentals. Filter topologies are characterized by their transfer. functions, which are frequency dependent ratios of output. voltage
  • Implementing IIR Digital Filters
    though the PIC17C42 is an 8-bit device, it?s high speed and efficient instruction set allows implementation of digital filters for practical applications. Traditionally digital filters have been implemented using expensive Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). In a system the DSP is normally a slave
  • Automotive Crossover Filters
    at lower frequencies, and open circuits at high frequencies. If a capacitor is hooked up in series with a speaker, it will be a high-pass crossover (signals at lower frequencies will be blocked, and higher frequency components of the signal will be allowed to pass). An inductor in series with a speaker
  • Integrated Filters Deliver Superior Performance
    In our communications-dominated electronics world, with the focus on 'connected' and wireless portable devices, high frequency design and integration have become critical factors. The integration of digital, analogue and mixed signal circuits continues apace, with RF and microwave circuitry more
  • Useful Definitions for Specifying Anatech Filter Products (.pdf)
    match the impedance of the transmission path in. which the filter is placed. An impedance of 50 ohms is almost universal throughout RF and. microwave system designs, although an impedance of 75-ohms is used in cable television. systems. Insertion Loss (IL): This is the ratio of signal amplitude
  • How to Specify RF & Microwave Filters (.pdf)
    and Microwave Filters. Overview. As one of the fundamental signal. processing components in RF and. microwave circuits, the filter plays a. critical role in determining any. system’s ultimate performance. Since. the electromagnetic spectrum has. become more and more densely. populated, filter performance
  • Specifying Filters: Get It Right The First Time! (.pdf)
    cut-off and high isolation: A filter attenuating a signal just 3. MHz away must be able to reject signal strength by more than 40 dB outside its. passband. Filters today exhibit sharp cut-off characteristics and this requirement. becomes very important when services operate very close to each other

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