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  • Maui High Performance Computing Center - Case Study
    the Maui High Performance Computing Center. was commissioned in 1993, its high-performance. computing resources—including a Cray XD1. supercomputer with AMD Opteron™ processors,. IBM Power3 and Power4 configurations, and. large Linux clusters—have been housed in a. 6,000-square-foot data center
  • Lockheed Martin Puts Pilots in the Picture With AC&E Linux Cluster
    Applied Computing & Engineering Ltd (AC&E) has developed a high performance Linux cluster for Lockheed-Martin UK INSYS to simulate warhead design and to produce high fidelity synthetic imagery in real time. Simulation is increasingly favoured by Lockheed Martin's defence agency customers. The brief
  • Medical Device Link .
    and modularity characteristics of the blade form factor, but with little success. A standards-based cluster that has all the benefits of a blade server and can accommodate high-performance GPUs has long been the elusive Holy Grail of high-end visualization. Clusters offer a combination of computing
  • A Collaborative Approach to Solving Engineering Problems with CFD
    question: Will our CFD software enable us to maximize the return. says Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian at the Uni-. on our other investments — including high-performance computing (HPC). versity of Leeds. “Since even the best software cannot. clusters, costly experimental equipment, and large teams
  • Finding the Best Design Fast
    of high-performance computing (HPC). HPC involves supercomputers and computer clusters that solve advanced computation problems. When building FEA models to simulate nonlinear behavior, engineers can modify geometry and materials, by hand, to improve performance. But this approach is slow and error-prone
  • Implementing PCI Express Interconnects in xTCA (.pdf)
    perhaps with its own I/O module. In some cases, especially where video cameras and image pro-. MTCA inherently provides remote management capabilities via. cessing are used, High Performance Computing and the ability. an Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI). Capabilities. to create
  • Advances in Core CFD Technology
    and transient CFD simulations are essential. High-performance. assess the time response to Zitron’s ventilation management. computing (HPC) and parallel computing have become indispensible. system in the event of fire in a tunnel several kilometers long. enabling technologies. Continued optimization
  • Scaling New Heights in Aerodynamics Optimization: The 50:50:50 Method
    in CFD. simulation of each design point. ACCURACY. simulation in design space (using tools from an ANSYS competitor) took 24. hours of run time on a high-performance computing (HPC) platform with 96. 50. 50 hours total elapsed time to. SPEED. central processor units (CPUs). simulate all the design

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