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  • Asymmetric dual half-bridge PWM-FM converter with quad regulated outputs
    Hence it can operate with higher efficiency at higher switching frequencies. Simulation results are obtained for a converter with 48V input and 15V/16A, 12V /20A, 5V/10A & amp ; 3.3V/10A outputs.
  • A high power and high efficiency PC power supply topology with low cost design to meet 80 Plus Bronze requirements
    … the LLC resonant type converter is widely adopted in application of high power density and high efficiency. In addition, the multi-outputs cross regulation for + 12V ; +5V and +3.3V is easy to achieve … … of the proposed LLC resonant topology with serial/parallel two transformers and two mag- amp regulators is analyzed … One switching period can be divided into 6 operating stages, furthermore, the operating waveforms of timing diagram …
    In order to achieve a fairly fast switching of the MOSFETS which is … capacitance of 1470pF, the comparator output is amplified by a gain of 50 using an op- amp . … op-amp used is a LT1007A, and it has extremely low noise and high precision and speed … … addition, the differential voltage amplication is also very high 20V/μV driving a 2kΩ load to ± 12V .
  • Shopping In Flashlights & Lanterns - Big Bruin
    Streamlight 75899 - Stinger Ds Led Hp - 12v Dc (nimh) OQC3042 Features Flashlight Material: 6000 Series machined aircraft … Dorcy International 414289 - 41-4289 190 Lumens LED Tactical Flashlight (AAA - Aluminum Alloy - Black) The 190 Lumen LED Tactical Switch Flashlight features a High Powered Cree& amp ;reg; Q5 Solid State Diode - one of the brightest LED's available today!
  • Step-Down Switching Regulators from Murata provide high-efficiency
    These include higher operating input voltage (32V vs. 28V), higher output current (2A vs. 1.5A), and … 78SR switching regulators are low cost, pin and function compatible upgrades for competitive 0.5 to 2 Amp output, linear or switch-mode 3-pin modules. Applications for the new regulators include: Battery powered instruments, test equipment and fixtures, 12V /24V automotive, marine …
  • Study on the key technology of integrated analog chip test and system design
    The testing module includes testing circuits for ADC0809, DAC832, Op amp LM324, LM347, CW3524 for controlling Switching Power Supply and SRAM2114. … supply management module provides an output voltage of 12V, an output voltage of - 12V , two output voltages … … chips which need to be tested have relations with analog voltage, so a high precision and high …
  • Wrist display concept demonstration based on 2-in. color AMOLED
    The model AMP -18M High Gain Amplifier for this receiver required 7.5-12 DC @ 0.055A. … 1.2 W Current draw for +12VDC was 0.5A = 6 W The + 12V comprised 110 mA … +5 VDC: 250 mA (provided from +12 V and a switching regulator as described below).
  • High resolution x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy - a new technique for site- and spin-selectivity
    (5)Specialpreamplifier power cable should be used to connect to the detector to NIM (+ 12V ). (6) For the anode high voltage power supply (channel A of Bertan 1755P) there are two toggle switches above the voltage control knob. … Electronicssetting All electronicsshould be at the followingsettingswhile taking data: (1)The gain on AMP /ZCD unit can …
  • The search for design in electrical engineering education
    Given a very rudimentary description of the op- amp as a high gain device with saturation, students experimented with various values of R3 and C1 and came to understand that it is the product of R3 and C1 which establishes the time … For example; the hysteretic snap-action of the classroom light switch illuminated the hysteresis action of the … + 12V .
  • Lighting
    … 4" (LWH)· Dimmable from 100% to 25%·75-80 Minute Run Time·D.C. 12V /.9A Input … Reliable single pole and 2-pole high voltage relays developed for use for switching airport runway lighting with over 20 years of trouble-free use up to 2400V, 50/60Hz, up to 20 amp maximum interrupt, has been now upgraded to also handle …