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  • Alumina
    Alumina or aluminum oxide (Al2O3) is a compound that consists of aluminum and oxygen. It is typically used in the alpha alumina structural form. In its pure form, alumina is a white ceramic material with high hardness. Fully dense alumina can be translucent. Alumina is used widely because of its
  • CO2 balance sheet: aluminum versus alumina ceramics
    this means that the energy consumption from the Bayer process is about twice as high for 1 kg of aluminum than for 1 kg of alumina ceramics. This fact is considered in the tabular overview in the calculation by a factor of two. The processes go different ways after calcination. By far, the most amount
  • Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA)
    Zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA) and other zirconia-alumina ceramics are often used in wear applications as an intermediate solution between alumina and zirconia. ZTA offers increased fracture toughness over alumina at a lower cost compared to pure or high zirconia ceramics. Depending on its purity
  • Korrath - High Temperature Corundum Bricks (.pdf)
    Korrath grades are corundum, tabular alumina, mullite and zirconia based with high density, high purity, low porosity, and good to excellent thermal shock resistance.
  • Medical Device Link .
    Tru-Cast 101/901 is part of the Syon epoxy compound family, which is made up of black and clear encapsulants, electrically and thermally conductive potting compounds, and high-density, high-temperature potting compounds. Tru-Cast 101/901 is appropriate for packaging and protection of delicate systems
  • Medical Device Link .
    not hydrolyse. The flexural modulus of nonreinforced PEEK is approximately 4 GPa compared with 1 GPa for high density polyethylene, and this increases to 20 GPa when reinforced with 30% chopped carbon fibre. The tensile strength is close to 100 MPa and the elongation at break is 30 -40%. A variety
  • Thermal Considerations For DC/DC Converters
    in converter efficiency and minimal size. High efficiency will allow higher power density for a given volume package, but will also force the high-density converter to operate at a higher junction temperature. Function integration and high-switching frequencies and efficiencies make it possible
  • Comparing Substrate Solutions for Automotive Power Electronics Applications (.pdf)
    to automotive engine and. transmission controllers. LTCC is the choice substrate. Figure 1. Exploded view of a Thick-film on alumina. material when high-density electrical interconnection,. substrate construction. embedded passive components and small size are the. critical design requirements. The fired

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