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  • Recent Advances in High Voltage, High Energy Capacitor Technology (.pdf)
    of the dielectric (ε/ε0), and E is the electric. performance parameters as well as higher temperature. field in V/ m. The packing factor of self-healing. operation. capacitors is highly dependent on voltage and peak. current requirements. In high energy density millisecond. I. BACKGROUND. discharge
  • Application: Reed Relays in Pulsed High Current Testing
    Volts. strength of 3000 volts minimum, because MEDER uses an evacuated reed. Switching current. 0. 1.0 Amps. switch. Carry current. 0. 3.0 Amps. Max Carry Current. 5.0 Amps. MEDER’s reed relays use hermetically sealed reed switches that are further. for 5 Ms. packaged in strong high strength plastic
  • Multi-lead Organic Air-Cavity Package for High Power High Frequency RFICs
    A new air cavity package has been developed and. qualified for packaging high power RF components. The. package uses the standard outline of a conventional ceramic. package. The ceramic dielectric is replaced with a high. performance thermoplastic called QuantechTM (which is a. modified Liquid
  • Application: High Voltage Reed Relays in Portable Defebrillators
    Current for 5. across the open contacts. The contacts can also switch up to 1000 volts as well. 5.0. Amps. Ms. DC Static contact. MEDER’s reed relays use hermetically sealed reed switches that are further. 150 mOhms. resistance. packaged in strong high strength plastic, and can therefore be subject
  • Application: High End Multimeters Use Reed Relays
    Carry Current for 5. 5.0 Amps. Ms. MEDER’s reed relays use hermetically sealed evacuated reed switches that are. DC Static contact. 150 mOhms. further packaged in strong high strength plastic, and can therefore be subject to. resistance. various environments without any loss of reliability. Dynamic
  • Thermal and Environmental Resistance of Glass Reinforced Plastics
    to answer these questions. Strength, stiffness and other mechanical properties of almost all thermoplastics can be doubled and even tripled by proper incorporation of fillers and reinforcement. Short-term high-temperature performance, commonly measured by deflection temperature, is also greatly
  • Medical Device Link .
    a material must satisfy during processing, component assembly, and product end use. Be aware that this may involve conflicting needs, such as high strength at low weight. In addition to the mechanical, physical, thermal, and other considerations that affect all plastic parts, the medical industry brings
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Vectra LCP provides low moisture absorption to maintain its dielectric properties, and is suitable for high-frequency applications and electronic films. High-temperature resistance makes Vectra an ideal material for use in the manufacture and assembly of miniature devices, while the barrier

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