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  • Adjustable Speed Drives as Applied to Centrifugal Pumps
    control has used valves; which increase system pressure, inherently waste energy, and generally cause the pump to operate at reduced efficiencies. d7737.qxd Adjustable Speed Drives As. Applied To Centrifugal Pumps. Application Solution. Foreword. This article is a revised edition of the original
  • When to Use PD Pumps (Copyright Viking Pump, Inc.)
    ? The following. chart lists several such scenarios. High Viscosity As illustrated by the graphs above, even modest viscosities dramatically. affect the flow rate and efficiency of a centrifugal pump. While many. centrifugals are cataloged to 1,000 cSt and higher, PD pumps are. clearly the better
  • Pump Basics
    curve. Principles of hydraulics. Centrifugal pump. A pump that exploits the rotary motion of a bladed wheel (impeller) inserted in the pump casing itself. The impeller, moving at high speed, projects the water previously sucked outwards in virtue of the centrifugal force developed, channeling
  • Case Histories: Horizontal Pumps
    Horizontal centrifugal pump. The initial problem. A metal horizontal pump had continuous problems caused by hydrochloric acid vapors (pumped at high temperature and high pressure in a pharmaceutical plant). Corrosion problems that especially effected the seal. The proposed solution. A horizontal pump
  • High Speed Dispersion of Titanium Dioxide
    efficiency and reduces the. high shear. number of passes required. Powder Feed. Flashblend. Hopper. • Ideal for larger batches. • Capable of rapidly incorporating large volumes. Product out. of powder. • Minimized aeration. Liquid in. • Minimized cleaning requirements. • Minimum operator input
  • Applying Steam Turbines For Pump Drives (.pdf)
    losses. This can make the turbine a good choice for marginal NPSH applications as it can avoid drastic speed reductions. When operating at low speed, turbines reduce radial reaction in centrifugal pumps operating at low flows. TP002 TP002. APPLYING STEAM TURBINES FOR PUMP DRIVES. John Elmore
  • Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps
    , which allow problems to recur. MORE TOP ARTICLES ». Columns. Joe Evans Breadth of Efficiency. In 2012, I wrote a six-part series on centrifugal pump efficiency. In Part Five, I touched on the importance of the breadth of efficiency and how it can be more useful than the peak best efficiency
  • Peristaltic Pumps Provide Option for Ethanol Producers
    for these critical metering applications. In slurry applications, including pumping lime slurry or stillage, hose pumps are fully reversible, self-priming and can run dry without damage. The stillage and lime typically contain a high amount of abrasive solids that can be difficult to pump with other pump

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