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  • Brushed DC Motor Fundamentals
    . Series-wound Brushed DC (SWDC) motors have the. field coil in series with the armature. These motors are. Permanent Magnet. ideally suited for high-torque applications because the. current in both the stator and armature increases under. Permanent Magnet Brushed DC (PMDC) motors are. load. A drawback
  • Comparing Miniature DC Motors and Gearboxes
    of the dc motor near zero speed will be lower than at a typical high no load speed.  This method is particularly brutal for smaller motors, graphite commutated motors, and conventional iron armature motors. Graph 1 illustrates this rather well. Friction Torque and Brush Voltage Drop Compensation Method
  • DC Motors
    brake. Dc motor speed can be controlled smoothly down to zero, immediately followed by acceleration in the opposite direction -- without power circuit switching. And dc motors respond quickly to changes in control signals due to their high ratio of torque to inertia. Wound-field dc motors
  • Permanent Magnet (PM) DC Gearmotors and Motors
    Permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motors provide a comparatively simple and reliable DC drive solution in applications requiring high efficiency, high starting torque and a linear speed/torque curve. Permanent Magnet (PM) DC Gearmotors and Motors | Bodine Electric Gearmotor Blog. Bodine Electric Gearmotor
  • Replacing Your DC Motors? Think AC
    requiring high dynamic response, such as web processes, material handling sorter conveyors, metering pumps, extruders and test stands. The table on the next page compares the capabilities of standard DC motor drives and modern variable-speed AC drives. Improved control technology is the reason
  • Solving DC Drive Harmonics with Matrix Harmonic Filters
    paragraphs cover these differences. Selection of the proper Matrix Filter rating for a DC drive is based on the horsepower and voltage rating of the drive. Applications for DC motors rated at 500 volts or higher may use a 480 VAC filter rated at the same horsepower as the DC drive provided the motor
  • The Importance of Effective Motor and Motor Circuit Protection (.pdf)
    the service entrance and feeder conductors. Even though government-mandated high-efficiency motors. within electrical systems. and NEMA Design E motors have much higher locked rotor. Overcurrent Types and Effects. currents, POWR-PRO time-delay fuses such as the FLSR_ID,. LLSRK_ID, or IDSR series have
  • Cowern Papers: Motor Basics
    is 60 cycles but, on an international basis, other frequencies. such as 40, and 50 cycles can be found. FULL LOAD. An indication of the approximate speed that the motor will run when it is putting out. SPEED. full rated output torque or horsepower is called full load speed. HIGH INERTIA

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