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  • Attenuator & Termination Matching for Ferrite Junction Isolators
    be most effective when placed close to the ferrite. For this example the real. part of the impedance is too high compared to the termination. It has been assumed in these examples that the. termination is placed close to the isolation port. If the loop, when viewed on smith chart, is very small
  • Useful Definitions for Specifying Anatech Filter Products (.pdf)
    and duplexers: These devices are both used to. combine two ports into a common port with a high degree of. Bandstop (notch) response. isolation between them so they can employ a single antenna. without interfering with each other. A diplexer is used to combine signals or channels at widely. different
  • Spectroscopic Diagnostics of an Atmospheric Microwave Plasma
    carried out to better understand this particular. atmospheric pressure plasma torch. An experimental device has been modified with. extra visible access for radial and axial profile measurements. Diffraction limited fiber. optic plasma views and high-resolution grating spectrometer instrumentation
  • Key Parameters for Specifying Products (.pdf)
    in passband 2. ending frequency. • Return loss in passband 1. • High-side passband starting and. • Return loss in passband 2. ending frequency. • Isolation between passband 1 and. • Return loss in passband. passband 2. • Power handling. • RF power handling for passband 1. • Type of connectors and/or package
  • Fiber Optics Devices Based on VHGs
    can. be varied as well allowing coarse WDM and. DWDM to coexist on the same chip. - Ultra-high isolation add-drop filters: The volumetric nature of the VBG allows the. manufacture of ultra-high isolation filters with. both add and drop capabilities. The same VBG. can be used twice by accessing