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  • pH Tech Tips (.pdf)
    . The. Temperature considerations: special glass may be used throughout the pH range of 0. The pH glass membrane is sensitive to the. to 14, but due to the high resistance nature of the glass. temperatures of solutions being tested. Prolonged use. it will significantly increase the overall time
  • Controlling The Addition Of Chlorine Into A Process
    that ORP is preferred over measurements of. PPM Chlorine. A minimum ORP value of 650 to 700 mV can guarantee immediate. destruction of E. Coli bacteria. However, a given concentration of chlorine may have reduced. activity because of high pH or high chloride concentration, and therefore be ineffective
  • Medical Device Link .
    will stay horizontal at all heights. The advanced SevenMulti meter features an innovative modular design. Expansion units include pH, conductivity, ion, mV, ORP, and ISFET. Other features include high and low alarms, data logging, a screen saver to maximize display lifetime, and RS-232 interface for data