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  • A152 Broadband Attenuator Relay
    be several times larger in size than the relay, particularly at high power. This approach increases the total package size and limits the frequency response of the attenuator.
  • Intermodulation Distortion in Programmable Attenuators
    In recent years, however, wireless communication systems. employing complex digital modulation schemes, increased channel. capacity, high transmit power and extremely low receiver. sensitivity have put into question the linearity of passive components. Even very low level multi-tone intermodulation
  • Secure Attachment in Pulsed Power Applications
    In applying high power attenuators and terminations to RF and Microwave circuits there are a number of requirements to be observed to obtain satisfactory life. These are heat-generating devices so the removal of excess heat is key to maintaining a safe film temperature. This heat removal is often
  • ANI-004: Base Plate Temperatures for Circulators and Isolators
    Introduction: This application note defines "baseplate temperature" for M=A-COM's circulator/isolator product lines. The choice for base-plate materials and their impact on the power handling capability are also discussed. Chip resistor and base plate: High power chip resistors are commonly used
  • Novel Silicon-on-Insulator SP5T Switch-LNA Front-end IC Enabling Concurrent Dual-band 256-QAM 802.11ac WLAN Radio Operations
    An innovative SOI SP5T switch-LNA integrated circuit is presented. The switch-LNA consists of a diplexer that provides out-of-band rejection and enables dual-band concurrent operation, a dual-band LNA with bypass attenuators, and three high linearity transmit paths. Tx paths feature 0.1 dB
  • AN3001: PIN Diode Vector Modulators
    have high intercept points. These vector modulators operate in tandem with a dual linearizer, MADR-007131-000100 that has been developed by M/A-COM. The block diagram for the vector modulator is given in Figure 1. The vector modulator consists of four elements: an input quadrature hybrid, two voltage

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