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  • "Improved Capacitor Using Amorphous RuO2"
    power capability or vice versa, but rarely can both be optimized at once. For instance, many carbon-based double layer capacitor systems have high energy density, but. they also posses a higher resistance than systems containing more electrically conductive. materials.
  • Electrolytic Capacitor Lifetime in Power Supplies
    Electrolytic capacitors are an essential ingredient in AC/DC power supplies, providing high Capacitance x Voltage (CV) and low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) in low-volume packages that simply cannot be achieved cost-effectively using alternative parts. The service life of these electrolytic
  • Tantalum Hybrid (R) Capacitors for High Power Applications
    Tantalum Hybrid capacitors are among the most powerful capacitors available. A new. tantalum Hybrid capacitor, having a peak power density of 1.6 MW/i has beeii developed. The. new hennetic capacitor has innovative packaging features that minimize non-active components. and allow reliable assembly
  • The Impact of Metallized Electrodes on High Energy Density Pulse Power Capacitors
    Over the past few years, Aerovox has been replacing foil electrode construction with metallized electrode construction in a variety of high energy density pulsed power capacitors. These capacitors are used in defibrillators, copy machines, nuclear fusion experiments, electric armament, and similar
  • Derating of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors in UltraVolt High Voltage Power Supplies
    UltraVolt uses conservative derating practices to ensure reliable operation and long lived power supplies. One critical component that has a significant impact on mean time before failure (MTBF) is the aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The capacitors used in UltraVolt power supplies have
  • Circuit Ideas: High-efficiency dc/dc conversion
    One of the primary goals when designing dc/dc conversion circuits is to get a high conversion efficiency. Without careful design, it is easy to dissipate as much energy in the conversion circuit as gets delivered to the load. The dc/dc conversion method of choice for moderate power output is often
  • Switching power supply design rules
    High-density dc/dc converters come in numerous combinations of input voltage, output voltage, and power levels. Modules such as these small PC-board-mounted packages provide output power to 150W. Resonant and quasi-resonant dc/dc converters are becoming more widely used because they are less
  • Medical Device Link . EMI and Power Supplies in Medical Electronics
    than capacitors at controlling EMI. The high impedances described for such filters in textbooks are not realized in actual practice, at least at higher frequencies--parasitic paths become efficient above 100 MHz, and carelessly designed power supplies and filters fail to perform to expectations

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