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  • Add the Versatility of a CO2 Laser System
    Adding the versatility of a CO2 laser system can be the key to success for your business. This whitepaper explains the versatility of CO2 laser systems and how they can benefit your business. Innovating Your Business Add the Versatility of a CO2 Laser System. Innovation is the Key. Innovation
  • Fiber Laser Welding of 100µm Thick Stainless Steel
    Since the start of the laser industry high power CO2 lasers have been used for welding sheet steel and a great deal of information is available on this subject. However, welding very thin steel sheets is a very challenging application as a much greater degree of control is required to avoid over
  • How Digital Laser Material Processing Works: Understanding the Fundamentals of DC Glass and RF Metal Lasers
    to produce a laser beam. Developed originally. for highly demanding military applications, RF metal lasers are still continuously improving and have achieved very high. speed of modulation, high power, and inde nite service life. The design of RF metal lasers is compact, durable and has. integrated
  • Featured Application: Marking PET Beverage Bottles at the 9.3 µm CO2 Wavelength
    application is recording simple date codes and batch numbers. High throughput speed is required due to the large volume of bottles being processed; however, the marks must also be clearly readable. The standard 10.6- um CO2 laser wavelength creates a semi-transparent mark with some clear melt-over
  • Moving more with less CO2 - Bonding in the Automotive Industry
    StandardsHealth & SafetyGreen Resources. ./c9d27426-a376-4e88-9ddd-f9a8d50dd7cd. Creating your Sustainable Future with Adhesives & Sealants. Moving more with less CO2 - Bonding in the. Automotive Industry. The motor car has been with us for more than 120 years. Initially it was expensive
  • High Power Dense Spectral Combination Using Commercially Available Lasers and VHG's (.pdf)
    holographic gratings (VHG) are enabling Dense Wavelength Multiplexing with. High Power Lasers Diodes by: narrowing the emission spectra of commercially available. high power laser diodes and combining them. Commercially available VHGs are wafer produced and 100% tested. FAC-VHGs incorporate collimation
  • Lasers Dismantling Concrete Structures
    that of untreated concrete, it can be easily removed by mechanical scrubbing. CO2 lasers, because of their high power capability and efficiency, are more attractive for. these applications. In their research at the Industrial CO2 Laser Section, Center for Advanced Technology,. Indore, India, B. Tirumala Rao
  • Liquid Cooling a Laser for System Optimization
    The performance of high-powered lasers depends on effective cooling. High-powered lasers generate a significant amount of heat that must be removed from the laser system to avoid overheating critical components. Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers, excimer lasers, ion lasers, solid-state lasers, and dye

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