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  • High Power Dense Spectral Combination Using Commercially Available Lasers and VHG's (.pdf)
    for Dense λ Muxing (1). Spectral combining of high power linewidth-reduced laser diodes. Volume Holographic Gratings (VHGs) in glass provide a solution for. narrow wavelength combiners: λ2 – λ1 <1nm. High Power. Laser λ1. High Power. Laser λ2. Ondax,Inc. Page 10. AHPSL conference. Sept 17-19 2007
  • Optimization of Fusion Splice Process for High Numerical Aperture Coupler Fiber and Erbium Doped Fiber (.pdf)
    continuously records the. transmitted power P2 during the course of splice. The difference between P1 and P2 (∆P=P1-P2) as a function of fusion. time is then used as a measure to determine desired condition. A standard single mode transmission fiber and two OFS fibers, high NA coupler fiber and EDF
  • What is Power over Ethernet?
    Application. Although PoE is becoming the norm, many people use devices that lack built-in PoE capability. You might assume that if you're using one of these devices and want to take advantage of PoE, you'd either have to replace them all with PoE-compliant versions or absorb the high cost
  • Increasing the Maximum Transmit Power Rating of a Power Amplifier Using a Power Combining Technique
    Today's broadband communications use high order modulation transmission scheme that provide higher spectrum. efficiency but with a high crest factor [1,2]. As a result, a linear power amplifier (PA) in the transmit chain operates at. a significantly backed-off power from compression to meet
  • Product Power, Weight, MTBF, and Cooling Tables
    . 74,000. 22. VM4016 16-channel Analog Comparator. 0.69. 0.07. 0.05 0.01 0.05 0.01 0.12 0.01. 0.4. 96,500. 6. VM4018 16-channel Precision Analog Comparator. 0.69. 0.07. 0.05. 0.01. 0.05. 0.01 0.17. 0.01. 0.4. 102,000. 6. VM6068 4-channel High-speed Serial. 0.96. 0.02 0.10. 0.01 0.10. 0.01. 0.4. 135,000 7
  • Keeping Solar Connections Safe
    POWER DEVICES > GaN flip-chip cross section Sil LINEAR DEVICES> Big boost for tiny energy ha Use of a voltage booster extends the range of ava PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Power-circuit busbars Going to Electronica? The Design Engineering and PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT > R Current-stingy power amp runs ultra-high
  • GSM Testing Using the 2026 Family Signal Generators with Option 116 (.pdf)
    The IFR 2026 Multisource Generator family is an effective method of supplying multiple calibrated signals to a device under test. The generator contains two or three high performance, high power, low intermodulation signal generators in one enclosure with calibrated outputs being supplied
  • Increased Pulsed Amplifier Efficiency by Manipulating the Fiber Dopant Distribution (.pdf)
    Cladding pumped fiber lasers and amplifiers have emerged as a competing technology for solid state lasers. In order to obtain high powers and mitigate nonlinear effects large mode area (LMA) rare-earth doped fibers have been used [1-3]. In LMA fibers, the area of the fundamental mode of the fiber

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