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  • Wired 11.08: The Super Power Issue8 Super Powers
    the tank's hull. DSTL's "electric armor" consists of two metal plates constructed of top-secret alloys and separated from the tank by insulation. The plates are connected to a high-energy capacitor fed by the tank's power supply. The outer plate is grounded, while the inner plate is charged. When
  • High Volume Laser Welding Applications
    where process improvements yielding a 1% scrap reduction can create savings over $100,000k per year and more. 1997 Profile. High Volume Laser Welding Applications. Summary. The YAG laser system deployed (typically less. Fibre lasers have now matured into exceptionally. than 400W CW power) will suffer
  • Fiber Laser Welding of High Integrity Implantable Medical Devices
    . The presentation discusses the analysis made on the application of the FiberStar (R) portable laser workstation, which incorporates the SPI High Power 1090 nm 100W air-cooled fiber laser engine, to production components such as super thin Pt, Cu-Ni, Cu and MP35N conductors, cables, electrodes and compact
  • Laser Welding Plastics Using a Fiber Laser
    at a point on the. Simultaneous Welding. *Radial Welding. joining plane. This ensures that the laser beam is. In this technique, one or more lasers heat the. only incident at the point at which the contact. entire weld area simultaneously. High power. pressure is also applied. diode lasers
  • Phase Conjugate Laser Optics - Preface
    mirrors can be implemented. inside a laser resonator as shown in Chapter 3. Besides the demonstration of high. brightness operation, the authors analyze in detail the stability and the mode. structures of these unconventional nonlinear resonators. To achieve high power. with a near-diffraction-limited
  • Laser Engraving of ID Cards(.pdf)
    are required to provide the highest peak powers (above high. thresholds) and avoid detrimental heat induced effects like charring, burning and. bubbling. Other materials with lower marking thresholds may react better to longer. pulses. Ultimately, the quality of the mark depends on the specifics of the laser
  • Ultra-thin mirror for high-performance optics
    is transferred into a laser beam. "Today's semiconductor lasers demand mirrors that can deliver high reflectivity, but without the extra thickness, " explains Chang-Hasnain. "When mirror thickness is reduced, devices get significantly lighter, which in turn translates into less power consumption
  • Rapid Scanning Applications Drive Mirror Design (.pdf)
    stiffness -the tension modulus divided by the square of the density of the mirror material -is one of the two most critical measures of suitability for dynamic mirror use (see Fig. 1). For the majority of scanning applications, high laser powers combine with high accelerations with the result

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