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  • Infrared Temperature Calibration 101 (.pdf)
    This application note explains the use and benefits of infrared thermometer calibration and what is commonly called a blackbody calibrator. Find out how regular calibration can make the difference in achieving repeatable, meaningful temperature measurement. ./ad36749b-536b-497c-a7e3-b791039cc5e1
  • Infrared Thermometers Tutorial
    the problem, and give accurate result. Be sure the tape is large enough to cover to Field Of View of the IR thermometer. Be sure the tape will not BURN. Use with caution! Avoid temperature errors by not viewing nearby high-temperature objects. Try to be perpendicular to the target surface. HOME. FIND
  • Medical Device Link . Product Update
    blood pressure sensor designed by EuroSensor (London). Medical applications for silicon-based sensing devices will continue to broaden, according to Joseph. A temperature sensor for an inner-ear thermometer and pressure sensors designed into drug-delivery inhalers to control the release
  • Getting temperatures right
    will provide, but also how factors in the environment create further measurement uncertainty. In addition, it's important to know the sensor-calibration techniques available to reduce this uncertainty. Thermocouples are the smallest, fastest, and most-durable temperature sensors. They can withstand very high
  • Motor Designs To Survive Hostile Environments
    developed for motor-hostile environments -- can reliably withstand the effects of radiation, underwater operation, vacuum operation, and extremely high and low temperatures, among other conditions. Accordingly, these motors are the key to a wide range of new motion control opportunities. Empire Magnetics
  • Strain Gage Technical Data
    and low mass, and has fairly high sensitivity to strain. OMEGA Engineering : Employment Opportunities. Cart. |. Contact. |. Help. 1-888-TC-OMEGA (1-888-826-6342) US and Canada. Part Number. All OMEGA. search term. Home. Quick Order. Products. Products by Book. Temperature. Data Acquisition. Pressure
  • Strides in Automation: Streamlining the Factory Floor
    sensors. These replaced a worker with one eye on the thermometer and. one hand on the valve wheel. These were soon joined by pressure transmitters, and eventual y by. pneumatic controls, which constituted the very first control loops. 1. Dr. Paul David has shown that the introduction
  • Calibration Primer (.pdf)
    high-performance blackbody calibration source. being used to calibrate an OS520 infrared thermometer. The limits are defined by zero and span values. The zero value is the. lower end of the range. Span is defined as the algebraic difference. between the upper and lower range values.”. Adjustments