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  • Air Dryers
    Water vapor is contained in high-pressure air. In vapor form, the water does little damage in most components. But if the water is allowed to condense in the system, it can rust pipes, freeze up actuators, and damage a process, tool, or instrument. Manufacturers of pneumatic components normally
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Part I: Motors, Drives and Compressed Air Systems
    Operational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma Use air receivers near high demand areas to provide a supply buffer to meet short-term demand spikes that can exceed normal compressor capacity. In this way, the number of required on-line compressors may be reduced. Replace single-stage compressors
  • Medical Device Link . Originally Published January/February 2001 Joining Technologies: Investing in High-Grade Bonds
    may in turn cut operation costs by as much as 50% by enabling just-in-time production and in-line inspection, slashing long drying and storage times, and eliminating the need for investments such as drying ovens and air conditioning. This race against the clock can be problematic in a highly
  • Product Extra!
    and the orientation of the permanent magnets allow deposited neutrals to be recycled until they are ionized by the high-density plasma. The recycling effect extends the life of the target. No RF coils are needed to generate the metal ion plasma, and only moderate operating pressures are needed to ensure wide
  • Medical Device Link .
    An atmospheric-pressure plasma technology that involves the generation of a significant concentration of atomic oxygen has been shown to be an effective means of sterilizing surfaces. This new application for the robust, high-throughput Openair plasma technology developed by Plasmatreat GmbH (Stein
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    or velocity of sound in gases with high accuracy over wide measuring ranges, its manufacturer says. The device can operate under high pressure and ambient pressure and can be calibrated with ambient air, reducing calibration costs by up to 90%, according to the company. In addition, the Flowsix 600
  • Which Pump Is Right for Me? Pushing Through a Host of Factors to Select the Right Pump
    is the pump you need. Q: I need a pump that can remove large quantities of air along with the water?. A: The air may cause both the 6" trash pump and 6" jet pump to stop pumping. The high air-handling capacity of the wellpoint pump or non-clog pump make them the correct pumps for this application. Q: I
  • Moisture in Ceramic Powder
    not over drying Clay, talc and other mineral constituents are quarried, refined, mixed and dried to a set moisture level prior to forming in a Dust or Ram Press at very high pressure. The formed tiles vary in moisture by as much as 6%, and must be oven or air dried to within 1%, prior to kiln firing

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