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  • Progressive Cavity Pumps Move Clarifier Underflow
    . The clarifier underflow often pumping flocculants. radius, but we have had trucks de-. contains high-salt liquids and highly. A representative from the pump. livering water from as far as 80 miles. abrasive solids—including sand. For distributor said that the PC pumps away,” says Kicinski
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    , the plastic flows through channels called runners and passes into part cavities through gates. Water or another fluid circulating through a cooling system in the mold extracts heat. The plastic is held at high pressure until it solidifies, or freezes off, at the gates. After parts have cooled
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    timers to control a high-duty-rate solenoid valve. The dispensing cycle time, between 0.01 and 31 seconds, is operator adjustable. A configurable barrel suck-back feature prevents low-viscosity fluids from dripping. Each dispenser comes equipped with hardware, fittings, hoses, a foot switch, a barrel
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    smaller than that occupied by standard dispensers of the type. The system additionally features slotted side panels for mounting accessories. It can be fitted with options such as a flexible task light, a 1.7 x magnifier, a flexible syringe-barrel holder, and an ergonomically designed barrel grip
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    . Ultrafiltration membraneA spiral-wound, back-flushable, negative-pressure ultrafiltration membrane is designed as an alternative to hollow-fiber membranes. The compact SpiraSep offers the benefits of high packing density, no fiber breakage or potting problems, manufacturing efficiencies, high flux
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    , provides high precision and durability for a wide range of applications. The stepper motor/leadscrew pump integrates reliable mechanical and fluidic functions. A variety of piston seal designs and a large selection of syringe barrel sizes are available, as is customization. TriContinent, 12555 Loma Rd
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    applications. Also available are subminiature switches for high-pressure or vacuum applications. Low-differential switches that have a minimal difference between on and off states and solid-state switches that provide a direct interface with solid-state electrical circuits are offered. The company's
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    leg(s) in an inline die or through the core tube in a crosshead die. High-pressure plant air must be decreased to useable pressure (usually 5 psi or less) and maintained accurately. In a bump tube system, the exhaust of the applied air is equally important. Sizing and cooling. There are two methods