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  • Introduction to Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors
    Dynamic pressure sensors are designed to measure pressure changes in liquids and gasses such as in shock tube studies, in-cylinder pressure measurements, field blast tests, pressure pump perturbations, and in other pneumatic and hydraulic processes. Their high rigidity and small size give them
  • Controlling high-performance electrohydraulics
    Getting the most out of PID systems is the key to precise hydraulic motion control. High-performance hydraulic motion controllers like the Delta RMC100 often receive cylinder-position data from magnetostrictive displacement transducers (MDTs), such as this unit from Balluff, Florence, Ky. Unlike
  • Gas Spring Technical Info: Friction / Hysteresis
    to as "sticktion" or "breakaway friction", this characteristic of most gas springs is the result of the "setting in" of the main seal on the rod, especially when the spring has not been cycled for a few hours. High pressure in the cylinder compresses the seal against the nitrided or chrome plated rod
  • Potential to Improve Specific Power Using Very High Injection Pressure In HSDI Diesel Engines (.pdf)
    Engine downsizing is one of the most promising engine solutions to improve efficiency, but requires higher specific performance because of a lower engine displacement. The study is based on experimental work performed with an IFP prototype single cylinder engine, representative of passenger car
  • High-pressure Point-of-Use Purification of Corosive Gases: Effect on Gas Distribution Components
    Source gas and point-of-use (POU) purification of process gases is necessary to meet the stringent demands of the semiconductor industry. Gas purity levels are tested in the cylinder at the production site and sometimes at the fab prior to connecting the cylinder to the gas distribution system
  • Case History: Catalina Cylinders - Manufacturer of High and Low Pressure Aluminum Compressed Gas Cylinders
    GARDEN GROVE, California - Rick Hill, plant manager at Catalina Cylinders, had three criteria for a new marking system - it had to be fast, safe and quiet. "The marker we had been using for almost 10 years took about 8 seconds to imprint the marks we needed on our cylinders," said Hill
  • Gas Spring Technical Info: How It Works
    A gas filled spring consists of a precision rod attached to a piston moving within a sealed cylinder containing nitrogen at high pressure. Output forces are the result of the differential between the pressure in the cylinder and atmospheric pressure outside the cylinder acting on the cross-section
  • Intensifiers
    applications. A booster can drive more than one cylinder if the cylinders work in unison. However, to sequence two or more cylinders, additional boosters are required. Boosters are limited in their volumetric capacity. For large quantities of high-pressure air or oil, large boosters are required
  • An Integrated Solution Approach for the Use of Ammonia in Growth of GaN Based Semiconductors
    Ultra-high purity ammonia delivered to the point of use is critical for growth of gallium nitride semiconductors. Recent studies have demonstrated that the origin, properties, and fluctuations of impurities are related to starting impurity levels within the cylinder, cylinder usage conditions, type

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    … cylinder type the requirements for sizes, service pressures, steel grades, product-quality standard, heat treatment, hydrostatic pressure and leakage testing, yield, tensile, and elongation testing, and marking.17 As noted above, Commerce’s scope specifically excludes high pressure cylinders made to certain international …
  • Intelligent Materials, Applied Mechanics and Design Science
    16 The Improved Design of Some Shrunk Super High Pressure Cylinder Based on Equal .
  • Handbook of Diesel Engines
    Adiabatic compression occurs in two high pressure cylinders 2, 3 operating offset at 1808 and the fuel (Diesel initially spoke of coal dust) supplied by the hopper B in top dead center auto-ignites so that isothermal combustion and expansion occur, which …
  • Manual diesel engines
    In two, about 180 °, inflicts on current high pressure cylinders 2, the adiabate compression as well as the self ignition take place 3 the in the upper dead center over the hopper B of so fed fuel (diesel talks first about …
  • Practical Experience with the Introduction of Honeycomb Shroud Seals on 250 – 800 MW Supercritical Pressure Units
    Results are reported from thermal tests for evaluating the efficiency of installing honeycomb shroud seals in the high pressure cylinders of the T-250/300-240 tur- bine units at the TÉTs-21 plant of JSC “Mosénergo” and the K-800-240-5 …
  • Safe Handling of Compressed Gas Cylinders
    … five-point star goes after the date and means that a cylinder can go 10 years before hydrostatic testing Plus Sign – means the cylinder can be filled to 10% over its stamped working pressure ( high pressure cylinders only) DOT-ICC Stamp …
  • Industrial Gases
    Industrial gas for a typical application is therefore produced, delivered either in cryogenic form or in high pressure cylinders by road, then piped a short distance, via pressure and flow controls and perhaps via filtration and purification, to the point of use.