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  • Hydraulic Cylinders
    and electronics without breaking the cylinder’s high-. • Compact sensing electronics avail-. pressure seal. This feature allows users to easily change. able for short installation envelopes. sensor electronics for system upgrades, thereby significantly. (sensor models LD and RD). reducing maintenance costs
  • Case Study: Filtration Systems Help Meat Packer Maintain High Quality
    into the atmosphere. Gas generators are also much safer than high-pressure cylinders. The generator typically operates at a low pressure in the neighborhood of 100 psig and stores small volumes of compressed gas. The stored volume is much less than 1 cubic foot, compared to about 200 cubic feet
  • Electropneumatic Cylinders
    , and the availability of high-speed electronics and user-friendly interfaces now make proportional pneumatics a reality, offering performance that matches closed-loop electrical and hydraulic systems. One such system features a pneumatic cylinder with a linear position sensor built into the rod
  • Design of an Automotive Grade Controller for In-Cylinder Pressure Based Engine Control Development (.pdf)
    Controller (CPDC) is unique in. Supporting current interest in cylinder pressure based. that it uses advanced high volume automotive grade. control are new sensors targeted at production diesel. circuitry, packaging, and software methodologies. This. applications. Multiple technical papers [4,5,6
  • Case History: Catalina Cylinders - Manufacturer of High and Low Pressure Aluminum Compressed Gas Cylinders
    GARDEN GROVE, California - Rick Hill, plant manager at Catalina Cylinders, had three criteria for a new marking system - it had to be fast, safe and quiet. "The marker we had been using for almost 10 years took about 8 seconds to imprint the marks we needed on our cylinders," said Hill
  • The Necessity Of A Plateaued Cylinder Wall Finish (.pdf)
    for. scuffing that may be caused by an unacceptable cylinder wall finish. price, for less weight and more horse power demanded high performance. production method. FINISH. No surface is completely smooth and all surfaces have certain amounts of. Since Ramsbottom invented the piston ring in 854 major
  • Soft landings for pneumatic cylinders
    . Closing the needle valve too far results in high initial reaction force. The load slows too early and the cylinder takes longer to complete the stroke. If the valve is open too far, the trapped air does not create sufficient back pressure. The load reaches the end of stroke too quickly and causes
  • Stiction: The Air Cylinder Problem That Wouldn't Go Away - Just Did
    . This makes it ideal for forces from a very few grams to 30 lbs. or more. In fact, Airpel is particularly well-suited to applications requiring smooth motion at ultra-low pressures and to moving lightweight objects or delicate loads at slow or high speeds. But this air cylinder is no weakling. It can

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