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  • High-Pressure/High-Temperature Coiled Tubing Casing Collar Locator Provides Accurate Depth Control for Single-Trip Perforating
    Electricalenhancementsincluded:addingapremium-grade epoxy for potting the solenoid coil, high - pressure feed-through connectors , and high- temperature Teflon® lead-wire insulation. ...successful that the same solenoid- valve combination is now used for the standard and HPHT CTCL tools.
  • HPHT Platform Wellheads & Christmas Trees- Performance Testing to Installation
    267 The combined effects of high pressure and elevated temperature have challenged the designs of the surface wellhead and tree equipment and spawned the development and testing of NT.2'Y wellhead connector technology used on ...components of a wellhead and tree system that are most affected by the HPHT conditions are the...
  • Extend Exploration and Boost Production in the Oil and Gas Industry Using VICTREX® PEEK Polymers
    With the ever-increasing demand for oil, there is a rising need for improved oil recovery techniques to produce more from conventional reserves with high pressure and temperature ( HPHT ) conditions as well as technical innovation to access alternative resources. Electrical connectors and seal back-up rings fabricated from VICTREX PEEK are capable of withstanding exposure to...
  • Development Of An Advanced Drilling System For A Deepwater Jackup Hpht Project In The North Sea
    In addition, wells with abnormally high surface producing temperatures have been successfully completed since 1976. In fact, a large number of wells which meet the criteria as an HPHT well have been... However, developments requiring combined pressure rating over 15,000 psi and temperature rating over 3500 F are... ...conductor tensioning system which worked Integrally with the surface wellhead and the conductor connectors , a non-welded...
  • Monitoring Flow and Completion Integrity of a North Sea Subsea HPHT Appraisal Well During an Extended Well Test Using Permanently Installed Fiber-OpticTemperat...
    Centrica Energy performed an extended well test on a subsea high - pressure , high- temperature ( HPHT ) appraisal well in the North Sea and monitored the test using a permanently installed optical distributed temperature sensor (DTS) system. ...using a DTS optical fiber connected through the wellhead via an optical wet- connector and extending past...
  • Subsea Completions for HPHT - Reality or Wishful Thinking
    ...with a 13 518"- 15,000 psi "AX' gasket preparation would be suitable for the HPHT tree. Unfortunately the riser analysis indicated very high bending moments which combined with the separation load due to... A new 13 518"-15,000 psi WP hub and LRP connector were designed. There is considerableexperienceavailablewith subsea chokes in pressures up to 10,000 psi WP and temperatures to 350°F.
  • HPHT-Treated Diamonds
    The traditional approach is the calibration of the pressure inside the HPHT cell against the force applied to the external anvils of the press. This calibration is usually carried out at room temperature using materials which undergo phase transitions at known high current connectors , 5—diamond surrounded by inert medium (e.g., graphite, potassium bromide, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, cesium chloride, cesium bromide, copper chloride, copper bromide), .
  • Electrical Properties of Crustal and Mantle Rocks – A Review of Laboratory Measurements and their Explanation
    Frequency dependent complex electrical impedance measurements performed in HPHT devices generate many problems that have to be... ...noise due to the resistance heating system that generally requires low voltage but high currents of up... ...result from the sample holder, the sample electrode inter- face and the cable connectors with the consequence... Their application depends on the pressure and temperature range under which the experiments have to be performed.
  • High Strength Threaded and Coupled Connectors for Dynamic Risers
    Introduction Over the last 10 years, the industry has moved to deeper water, and in the Gulf of Mexico, to higher temperature and higher pressure developments. Those systems have used forged and machined weld-on premium riser connectors in order to achieve the... BP in the past has looked at dry trees for  HPHT developments in the GoM, but...
  • Foam Cement Engineering and Implementation for Cement Sheath Integrity at High Temperature and High Pressure
    Abstract Cementing high - pressure , high- temperature ( HPHT ) wells poses various challenges not seen at normal well conditions. Decrease compression loads on casing connectors .
  • Development and Acceptance Testing of a Flush Joint Casing Connection With Improved Performance Properties
    The results show this connector approaches both geometric and performance transparency. ...the same OD and effective ID as the pipe body and the same pressure rating in burst... These include wells in deep water and/or wells with shallow geopressures, high temperature /high pressure ( HPHT ) wells, high volume (large diameter tubing) wells, and wells with pressure regression or depleted zones.
  • HPHT Synthesis of Micron Grade Boron-Doped Diamond Single Crystal in Fe-Ni-C-B Systems
    As the development of electronic and optical compo- nents toward miniaturization and high precision, dia- mond grinding... For example, processing fibre- optic connector and the V-shaped groove of WC car- bide die. ...of boron-doped diamond film.[4−7] However, there are few reports on the HPHT synthesis of micron... ...experiments were performed in a China-type SPD 6 × 1670 cubic high- pressure apparatus with an... The relationship between the minimum syn- thesis conditions (pressure and temperature ) for graphite/diamond conversion and the amount...
    Exploitation of a fault tolerant wet mateable fibre optic connector concept. Main elements that contribute to the high reliability potential of the system include: Reduction of the number of downhole components; only passive pressure and temperature sensors are situated downhole. Not only the high reliability requirement for permanent installations, but also the anticipated HPHT applications are covered...
  • Challenges Associated with HPHT Intervention Equipment
    The workover completion riser system is a high - pressure monobore configuration with options for separate paths to circulate wellbore and completion fluids. ...ID) 15k system that is rated for 250 degrees continuous service and higher temperatures for short intermittent... Challenges Associated with HPHT Intervention Equipment ...pipe rams, isolation (retainer) valves, crossover circulation valves, and a high angle release connector interface between the...