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  • Fluid Feedthroughs-Image
    Fluid Feedthroughs - (32 companies)
    Fluid feedthroughs use a hermetic seal to transmit fluids through the walls of a pressurized or vacuum system. Devices include nitrogen, air, and water feedthroughs. Fluid feedthroughs are designed to transmit fluids into high and ultrahigh vacuum... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Feedthroughs - (163 companies)
    ...important specifications to consider when selecting a feedthrough. These include: Mounting configuration. Bearing type and position. Shaft size. Strength and termination features. Residual magnetic field. Pressure vacuum rating. For fluid feedthroughs... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Vacuum Chambers and Components - (155 companies)
    Feedthrough collars provide additional height and more feedthrough ports. Load lock chambers are specialized, small chambers that are built onto a main chamber to allow movement of samples, wafers or process components from atmosphere to high vacuum without... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC) - (124 companies)
    High performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC) use a liquid mobile phase to separate the components of a mixture. The components are dissolved in a solvent and forced to flow through a chromatographic column under high pressure. In the column... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    High Pressure Processing Equipment - (9 companies)
    High pressure processing equipment is used to treat foods, beverages, proteins, enzymes, and other bioactive materials. Products are subjected to high pressures with or without the addition of heat to inactivate microbes and bacteria. An alternative... Learn More
  • High Pressure Processing Services - (9 companies)
    ...destroys food pathogens and inactivates spoilage organisms such as bacteria or mold spores. The Process. High pressure processing services is a non-thermal process that uses extreme pressures to destroy pathogens and increase shelf life, while preserving... Learn More
  • Electrical Feedthroughs - (115 companies)
    ...conventional DC power feedthroughs and RF feedthroughs are found in the construction materials. High conductivity, nonmagnetic materials are utilized in the RF feedthroughs, as they are less susceptible to the effects of current induction. Standards. DSCC-DWG... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Optical Feedthroughs - (25 companies)
    ...sensor and extension cable and it is optically mated with the outside. There are many types of optical feedthroughs. Examples include a fiber optic feedthrough and a window feedthrough. A fiber optics feedthrough has high electrical resistance... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Liquid Flow Meters - (599 companies)
    ...of the pressure differential that forces the liquid through a pipe. Since the pipe's cross-sectional area remains constant, an average flow rate can be determined. In addition to velocity, metering technologies for flow meters include differential... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Liquid Level Switches - (423 companies)
    ...equals the pressure at the bottom of the tank. The liquid's level is determined by dividing the pressure inside the tube by the liquid's density. The system is able to measure the liquid's level as directly proportional to the pressure as long... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...ferrofluid in the gaps, forming a liquid sealing ring. Differential pressure deforms the liquid seal in opposition to the magnetic restoring force. Should the pressure differential exceed the "burst pressure, " ferrofluid expels from the gap and the seal breaks down. Dashed lines represent the liquid seal...

...developed for motor-hostile environments -- can reliably withstand the effects of radiation, underwater operation, vacuum operation, and extremely high and low temperatures, among other conditions. Accordingly, these motors are the key to a wide range of new motion control opportunities. Empire Magnetics...

...of water as a function of temperature and pressure.1 The ability of moisture to condense is a function of the dew point that is, the moisture content, pressure, and temperature that allow liquid droplets to form or condense. The triple-point graph for water is shown in Figure 1.1 Water can exist...

...features a self-shielded design so that the scan and control room fit in as little as 380 sq ft. A 0.3-Tesla field-strength magnet and phased array coils deliver high image quality without the need for a tunnel-type high-field system, thereby significantly improving patient comfort. The BD UniJect...

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  • TPX: Contractor preliminary design review. Volume 1, Presentation and design description. Final report
    This requires use of a multipin liquid heliumhacuum feedthrough with a high pressure rating.
  • Oil hydraulic system
    Rotary implementations allow the direction of the pressure liquid of the solid housing part in the rotating hollow shaft by high peripheral speeds and high operating pressure.
  • POCT-Patientennahe laboratory diagnosis
    Contradictions follow however, so, the implementation of a confirmation analysis is essential - the sample must be investigated in a laboratory and becomes there by means of thin film chromatography, high pressure liquid chromatography, of (HPLC) gas chromatography or analyses HPLC tandem-mass...
  • Peritoneal dialysis and cardiopulmonary comorbidity
    ...and ultimately, goes in the global insufficiency of the lung, so, these patients not for implementation of a kidney replacement therapy... through infusion of liquid into the abdominal cavity for intraabdominellen pressure increase at the diaphragm high stand and ultimately at...
  • High pressure techniques at low temperatures
    The feedthrough , which meets the requirements of sealing at liquid He temperature and high pressure , has been developed by Schouten et al (1979).
  • Check-up anaesthesiology
    Technique and to connect 4 discharge of liquid gastric content the duration suction to implementation over a stomach tube, by, e.g., high Dünndarmileus; by solid gastric content and after... ...existing protection reflexes), Ösophagusvarizen, the increased intracranial pressure to set Mittelgesichts- and...
  • High voltage technique
    ...halogen 167 holding probability 150 curing agents 302 hard gas switches 517 hard paper 308, 490 hard paper implementation 90, 471 hard porcelain... ...Hittorfscher darkening space 159 high pressure -liquid chromatography pulses 464... ...helium 172, 326, 565 liquid 565 Hemicellulose 334 HF...
  • Food analytics
    The determination passes with aid of high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) through measurement of the fluorescence. Implementation .

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