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  • Custom High Pressure Valve Optimized Paintball Gun Response Time and Reduced Cost
    valve that would operate at pressures in excess of 200 psi. * The valve had to be backward compatible with the footprint of the existing valve they were using. * The new valve had to perform better and be easier to maintain than the existing valve. * The valve had to have an integral electronic
  • A Rotating Valve for High Pressures (.pdf)
    Some tumbling barrel type mixers require that the vessel be isolated during treatment of the charge. The present paper describes a valve designed and constructed for such a purpose. The valve is attached co-axially to and rotates with the vessel, is capable of containing gas or liquid pressure
  • Dissecting high-performance electrohydraulic valves
    flapper and jet-pipe valves. The linear force motor shows permanent magnets, centering springs, coil, and armature. High-performance valves are usually classified as either servo or proportional, a distinction that gives an indication of expected performance. Unfortunately, this classification tends
  • Mini valve features high flow
    orifices against high pressures. Thus, the X-Valve actuates at higher pressures with higher flow rates versus comparable solenoid valves. Response time is less than 20 msec. The valve's unitized body is molded of glass-reinforced polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). It features vertical electrical pins
  • Proportional Valves
    are available that function much like servovalves. By using high-force, continuous-action solenoids, minimum-friction mechanical moving parts, and rapid-response electronics, the valves offer servolike performance without drawbacks like contamination sensitivity and high pressure drop. A key feature
  • Fluid Transfer Valves
    and seat, and a metal-to-metal seal. Other globe valves are available with elastomeric disc seals. The easy replacement of the plug and seat makes repair simple and inexpensive. Pressure loss through a globe valve is somewhat high. Globe valves can be used at high pressures, but the higher the pressure
  • Block and Bleed Valves
    Block and bleed valves are configured so that flow through the valve is blocked at both the inlet and outlet and a small port is provided to drain or depressurize the space between. This configuration is often required to isolate high-pressure sections of a system to facilitate safe maintenance
  • Traditional solenoid valves are simple to install but may not be the right solution for long term reliability or high flow applications
    and causes low flows. Additionally, the diaphragm generally has within it a very small pilot hole to allow pressure to equalize on both sides of the diaphragm. The pilot hole easily clogs causing the solenoid valve to function erratically. Smaller solenoid valves and high pressure solenoid valves use
  • The basics of pneumatic control valves
    of a four-way when high cylinder speeds are necessary. Close coupling of three-way valves to the cylinder ports reduces cylinder back pressure and pressure drop in the lines, permitting higher cylinder velocities. The valves are also used to save compressed air in highly cyclic applications or when

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