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  • Hubble Captures Deep Impact's Collision with Comet
    by the Advanced Camera for Surveys' High Resolution Camera. The observations by the Deep Impact camera and the Hubble telescope complement each other. The camera aboard the Deep Impact spacecraft will provide a close-up view of the comet, from more than 300 miles away. The Hubble telescope, from its distance
  • High Definition Thermal Imaging
    High definition (or high resolution) thermal imaging refers to the fine detail and clarity of a thermal image. This means it contains a large number of pixels per unit of area. In this case, a thermal imaging camera taking a high definition photo means you will find smaller problems at greater
  • Scientific CMOS Technology - High Performance Imaging (.pdf)
    Many scientific imaging applications demand multi-megapixel focal plane sensors that can operate with very high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. Furthermore, it is often desirable that these sensors are capable of delivering rapid frame rates in order to capture dynamic events with high temporal
  • Unilever Solves Packaging Issues Using 20/20 Hindsight High-Speed Video
    jams & upsets while simultaneously improving efficiency. Offering incredible ease-of-use with auto-focus remote-control cameras, optional PLC interfaces, onboard CD-burners, and high-resolution color video, anyone in the plant can learn 20/20 Hindsight in 10 minutes or less. Typical customer feedback
  • Quantitative Measurement of Protein Dynamics with High Linearity Atomic Force Spectrometer
    behavior for this multi-axis assembly ensure previously unattained resolution. Combined with a robust, simple, high-end design, this new generation of single molecule force-clamp instrumentation is ideally suited to capture the individual force-induced unfolding and folding trajectories of single
  • Sketching software captures AEC ideas fast
    including 3DS, DWG, DXF, OBJ, and VRML for further tweaking in other programs. Users can also quickly build appealing 3D visuals. These output in a variety of formats including high-resolution images, fly-throughs, and animated slide shows, making it a breeze to present design ideas. Unlike most CAD
  • MICRO: Product Tech News
    the subtle buried shorts associated with nickel silicide and strained-silicon integration. Small pixel size captures small physical defects in dense, high-aspect-ratio structures, and advanced binning algorithms help identify and resolve new systematic defect mechanisms. An integrated system measures
  • Fast frame grabbers force wafer surfaces to reveal their secrets
    in real time have become practical thanks in part to framegrabber technology. Systems integrator k-Space Associates in Ann Arbor, Mich., devised a system based on a PC, camera, and frame grabber that hooks up to the phosphor screen of a RHEED (reflection high-energy electron diffraction) device

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