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  • Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrometry Characterization of
    spectrometer, StellarNet, Model. EPP2000-UV5-HR, was a high resolution unit that was factory adjusted to measure hydroxyl radical radiation in the. 280 to 340 nm (UV) range of the ultraviolet. It was equipped with a 3600 groove/mm grating and required a. collimating mirror. The slit width of 25 μm
  • Analysis of Visible Light Images
    is positioned with a lateral view into the chamber (Fig. 1) to collect high resolution 12-bit images of unfiltered plasma emission. Digitally stored images are used to establish shot-to-shot repeatability and resolve pinch velocities during reconnection. Images are processed with peak intensity fitting
  • Nanotopics: High Resolution Reflected Light Microscopy to Determine Filler Micro-Dispersion
    to the wavelengths of visible light. Sub-Micron Microscopy. Generally, sophisticated tools such as scanning probe microscopes, and Electron. Microscopes (both Transmission Electron Microscopes, and Scanning Electron Microscopes),. have been utilized for high resolution microscopy. While accurate
  • Non-Contact 3D Surface Metrology of Large Grain High Purity Niobium by SLCM and FESEM
    . tilted eucentric images, in this case obtained using a high resolution FESEM (Zeiss 1540EsB). The surface topological data produced by the SLCM confocal microscope is illustrated in Fig. 1: as a. 2D contour map (a) and a 3D image (b). Together they show the characteristic topology in the. vicinity
  • NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Discovers a High Energy Jet in Galaxy NGC 3862
    by the Faint Object Camera.". NGC 3862 was observed with the FOC in high resolution (f196) mode on January 25, 1992 with two filters. One exposure, taken in yellow-green light, was expected to reveal, outside the nucleus, the distribution of the normal old stellar population in the galaxy. The second
  • Infrared Technology
    types of our products. Ge lenses---ST68x Series The most popular materials used in manufacturing refractive optics of IR systems are: germanium (Ge), silicon (Si). Germanium is a silvery metallic-appearing solid of very high refractive index (n~ 4), that enables designing of high-resolution optical
  • Hubble Captures Deep Impact's Collision with Comet
    by the Advanced Camera for Surveys' High Resolution Camera. The observations by the Deep Impact camera and the Hubble telescope complement each other. The camera aboard the Deep Impact spacecraft will provide a close-up view of the comet, from more than 300 miles away. The Hubble telescope, from its distance
  • Workstation for Laser Direct-Write Processing (.pdf)
    of their high spatial coherence, lasers can produce patterns with resolutions that extend over four orders of magnitude from millimeters to hundreds of nanometers. And lastly, materials can be removed, added, or modified without physical contact between a tool and the target substrate allowing rapid

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