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  • High Speed Imaging of Small Objects
    apertures. The required optics adds another dimension of difficulty - reduced available light. High-speed imaging can be challenging in low light conditions due to the high shutter speeds required to stop motion. Combining already short exposure times with the aperture constrictions caused by microscope
  • High-Speed Infrared Sensors for Temperature Monitoring
    for the measurement sensor to take an accurate reading. In the past where acquisition times of 0.1 to 0.3 seconds where fast enough today there are only a few milliseconds available to perform the measurement. Microsoft Word - press article CTfast_E.doc Can’t measure fast enough –. high speed
  • A CMOS Active Pixel Image Sensor with In-pixel CDS for High-Speed Cameras (.pdf)
    sensors, CMOS image sensors, active pixel sensors, CDS, noise. 1. INTRODUCTION. Application of high-speed videography extends over various discipline fields such as optical measurement including. fluorescence analysis where density measurement has great importance, motion analysis including capture
  • High-Speed Infrared Sensors for Temperature Monitoring
    Microsoft Word - press article CTfast_E.doc Can’t measure fast enough –. high speed Infrared-Sensors for temperature monitoring. Introduction: Infrared sensors are the preferred choice for a temperature measurement in applications where the. target is moving, especial y when fast and non
  • Fast Response Optical Sensors Prove Invaluable in Demanding Gaging Applications
    that can easily be accounted for. For confined spaces, the optical fiber probes can be bent or prisms can be attached to redirect the direction of light. Armored cable and non-metallic jackets coupled with ceramic tips extend the usefulness of the equipment into production and high vacuum applications
  • HR4000 Spectrometer OEM Data Sheet
    of technologies providing users with both an unusually high spectral response and high optical resolution in a single package. The electronics have been designed for considerable flexibility in connecting to various modules as well as external interfaces. The HR4000 interfaces to PC's, PLC's
  • Fast Steering Mirror Technology: Active Beam
    . tuations and drifts in laser beam alignment, in order to. stabilization system based on FSMs is described. Optical. achieve optimum system performance. Furthermore,. engineers will find that incorporation of active beam sta-. there is continual pressure on optical engineers for high-. bilization using FSM
  • Low Coherence Vibration Insensitive Fizeau Interferometer
    surface must be produced with a high optical. precision. The main drawback with this arrangement is that the overlapping test and. reference beams make it difficult to implement a polarization Fizeau interferometer. One solution to this problem has been implemented by 4D Technologies and is called

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