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  • Estimating Clock Tree Jitter
    system-level margin to reliably meet the application jitter requirements. If this jitter. threshold is exceeded in high-speed SerDes applications, for example, it could have a detrimental impact on the. Bit-Error Rate (BER) of the associated high-speed communications link. By ensuring jitter design
  • Synchronizing clock sources for Agilent Pattern Generator 70841B
    . high-speed serial data and clock. test techniques, performance data. with the ATM standard’s. signals. In turn, these signals are. and suggested layout. requirements serve the designer. converted to 8-bit parallel data by. recommendations for a 622 MBd. well. This reference design’s. the SerDes IC
  • MicroTCA TM: Compact, Flexible, Economical Shelf Architecture for Telecom Systems (.pdf)
    . and supports all of the protocol options defined for AdvancedMC. provides high-speed connectivity for the AdvancedMC modules,. modules, including Gigabit Ethernet, RapidIO, and PCI Express. giving up to eight protocol independent 12.5 Gb/s SERDES based. The MicroTCA backplane provides an I2C-based Integrated
  • 622 MBd ATM/SONET/SDH PHY Reference Design Development
    it is converted into high-speed. serial data and clock signals. In turn, the signals are converted to 8-bit parallel data by the. SerDes IC. The 8-bit data is then passed onto the framer IC and processed. The framer. output 16-bit bus is looped-back into the framer, this data is passed back
  • Advances in Radar Processing (.pdf)
    Processing. Introduction. High Performance, Low Power, Space Efficient. Processing. For the past few years, at GE we have seen multifunctional. It is always desirable to have as much processing power as. radar systems which need to perform much more sophisticated,. possible for today’s multifunctional

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