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  • The Many Uses of Gloves
    boards and electronic components. These gloves can endure high heat, but are also thin enough to maintain flexibility. Hot gloves are used for working with very high temperatures, from 200°F to 1000°F, while extreme heat gloves sustain higher temperatures of over 1000°F. Soldering, welding, and even
  • Monitoring Productivity in a Glove Factory
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided the productivity monitoring dataloggers for the Wells-Lamont Industry Group, a high-quality manufacturer of work gloves and member of the Marmon Group of companies. This customer needed a time-saving way to view productivity from their knitting machines and to meet
  • What is Color Temperature?
    a very high light color temperature then reds and oranges start to look the same. When looking for light for a home or work area, you need to find the best temperature to correctly see colors and reduce eye strain. It is typically recommended to have white lights similar to daylight, around
  • Temperature Differentials for Infrared Building Inspections - Part 1
    materials assumes a relatively high target emittance. Low emittance surfaces associated with metal building facades or roofs coated with aluminum paint may not lend themselves to an accurate infrared inspection. Lastly, all infrared data should be verified by independent means, as appropriate
  • Medical Device Link .
    latex, even if their levels of sensitization are not high enough for symptoms to occur. Individuals who generally suffer from allergies to avocados, kiwi fruits, bananas, and chestnuts are at greater risk of this form of latex allergy. Surgery early in infancy followed by multiple invasive procedures
  • Medical Device Link .
    of ingredients for such diagnostic products often occurs under HEPA filtration to prevent contamination. In view of the potential adverse effects caused by powder-borne contaminants, powdered gloves should never be allowed in or near these areas. High-performance analytical instruments are often
  • Medical Device Link .
    of phthalates as plasticizers and environmental concerns over disposal. For many years, polyurethane was limited to glove applications because of the high cost of formulations and its comparatively higher initial modulus, but recent advances in the formulation and processing of both polyurethane and silicone
  • Hypoxia Workstation with HEPA-Filtration Option Demonstrates Enhanced Containment to Protect User
    option provided measurable containment. Laboratory. Right. 10. Fewer CFUs were collected directly in front of the. (Slit. 7.2 x 104. Left. 0. 12. Samplers). workstation by the impingers than in the lab by the slit. Lab. 2. samplers, which means that there is a relatively high level. Operator. In Front