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  • High Performance Component Heating Solutions for Large, High Temperature Industrial Applications
    into complex environments and require complex system infrastructure to install and support. This. white paper uncovers the need for high performance component heating solutions in large, high temperature industrial. applications and discusses the benefits of multiple zone heating element technology.
  • Ferro Techniek's E-FAST® Sensor Technology
    Why use E-FAST®? Because our elements are high powered, fast and extremely responsive, any lack of dissipation of the heat due to abnormal use, dirt or scaling should be detected immediately. Bimetal switches, thermal fuses, NTC's and other present-day temperature protective devices are limited
  • Selection Factors for Seals
    The primary factors affecting seal selection are temperature, wear resistance, abrasion, sealed pressure, face materials, vibration, and expected life. Usually, bellow seals are needed for high-temperature applications. affects all seal materials, but its most important effects are on the secondary
  • Aluminum
    wrought alloys are solution heat treated, then quenched and precipitation hardened. Solution heat treatment consists of heating the metal, holding at temperature to bring the hardening constituents into solution, then cooling to retain those constituents in solution. Precipitation hardening
  • Summer grilling made fast and easy
    intense radiant energy, producing a surface temperature of about 1,100 F. An ac heating element is serpentine and runs along the forward half of the cooking surface. Its temperature is regulated by a conventional ac electrical control. Dc heating elements, on the other hand, are located along
  • Copper
    to embrittlement at high temperature. The addition of phosphorus produces grade C12200 -- the standard water-tube copper. High-copper alloys contain small amounts of alloying elements that improve strength with some loss in electrical conductivity. In amounts of 1%, for example, cadmium increases strength by
  • Cool running
    Hybrid taperedroller-spindle bearings help machine tools cut without cutting fluids. Spindle heating can be a problem for equipment that dry machines gear teeth. These large-bore hybrid tapered roller spindle bearings operate at temperatures between 90 and 100 F, significantly cooler than
  • Product Technology News
    determinations of trace elements at the parts-per-trillion and parts-per-quadrillion levels. The unit's MacroTorr turbopump vacuum system reduces background levels to improve detection limits and achieves fast pumpdown to provide high productivity. Turner interlaced coils, coupled to a 40-MHz

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