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  • A Guide to Measuring Paint Viscosity vs Temperature
    and high shear rates? It is needed to determine behavioral characteristics such as how the paint will perform under the heat of summer outdoors in Arizona as compared to a cool spring in New England? What are its shear-rate dependent characteristics at these temperatures? A profile needs to be done
  • Talk About Temperature: High and Low
    Although Cobra Solid Lubricant is beneficial in so many applications that do not involve high temperatures (freezer conveyors; freezing tunnels; free spinning; drip free; maintenance free; vacuum; radiation; food grade; etc.) high temperature applications are the most frequently seen (it's just
  • Wirewound vs. Film Resistors for Precision Applications
    , they are stable (15-50ppm/yr) maintaining their precision over time because they are made with stable materials. Their TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) is low (<10ppm/°C) and can be controlled by selecting special wire alloys. (Usually, you need the lowest TCR, but a higher TCR has special interest
  • Lead
    high density. Main reasons for using lead often include low melting temperature, ease of casting and forming, good sound and vibration absorption, and ease of salvaging from scrap. Nearly three-fourths of all U.S. lead consumption is for chemical applications such as paint pigments, gasoline additives
  • Inspecting Gas Fired Furnaces Using Infrared Thermography
    shutdowns of these furnaces can result in production losses as high as $84K. Traditionally, visual inspections have been the preferred method of monitoring wall insulation health. Peeled or blistered paint and a cherry red glow are used as indicators that insulation is breaking down inside
  • CHEMEON TCP-NP Knowledge Base/FAQ
    CHEMEON TCP-NP (hex free) is chemical conversion coating on aluminum alloys with high corrosion protection, excellent adhesion qualities for subsequent paint and powder coat, low cost, quick and easy processing, and all while meeting the stringent requirements of military specifications. It is QPL
  • Automotive Adhesives - From Design To Repair
    paint-bake ovens fall short of that mark, few car interiors would survive such high-temperature bake cycles. For OEM designers, structural
  • Choosing the Correct CAP Instrument for Automotive Paints and Coatings (.pdf)
    on selecting the correct CAP? There are high and low torque CAP instruments with a choice of fixed or variable speed, numerous cone selections and different temperature control ranges. From these myriad possibilities, how does one choose the best instrument and cone for testing? Thankfully, there are some

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