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  • A Guide to Measuring Paint Viscosity vs Temperature
    . But, to truly get a firm grasp on how paints will perform at any given temperature, they should be tested at both low and high shear rates to assess overall performance. Two methods for accomplishing this will be discussed. Why is it important to test paints at different temperatures and at low
  • Choosing the Correct CAP Instrument for Automotive Paints and Coatings (.pdf)
    designations. There is a Peltier plate built into the instruments to control temperature; two options are available. A high temp instrument allows temperatures to be set from 50°C to 235°C and is good for testing resins. The low temp instrument is the most popular and allows temperature to be set from
  • Automotive Adhesives - From Design To Repair
    paint-bake ovens fall short of that mark, few car interiors would survive such high-temperature bake cycles. For OEM designers, structural
  • Stainless Steel Specifications for Fan Equipment
    Specifiers and users of air-moving equipment are often faced with the presence of corrosive, abrasive, or high temperature conditions which may be detrimental to the service life of. standard mild steel fan equipment. Recognizing the limitless variety of stainless steel alloys or polyester
  • Lead
    high density. Main reasons for using lead often include low melting temperature, ease of casting and forming, good sound and vibration absorption, and ease of salvaging from scrap. Nearly three-fourths of all U.S. lead consumption is for chemical applications such as paint pigments, gasoline additives
  • Tougher and stronger glue
    , or rivets. And chemical assembly bonds similar or dissimilar substrates using adhesives. Cost is the most noted limitation of thermal joining. It usually takes specialized labor for thermal joining. Welded joints are often nonuniform, lack the clean aesthetics for high-end applications, and aren 't
  • Wirewound vs. Film Resistors for Precision Applications
    carbon resistor characteristics. On the good side, they can be made small and are low cost in high quantities. However, they cannot have tight resistance tolerances (>0.1%), they have large TCR (50-100ppm/C) and they are unstable (500-1000ppm/yr.) Thick film technology is especially important in hybrid
  • Inspecting Gas Fired Furnaces Using Infrared Thermography
    shutdowns of these furnaces can result in production losses as high as $84K. Traditionally, visual inspections have been the preferred method of monitoring wall insulation health. Peeled or blistered paint and a cherry red glow are used as indicators that insulation is breaking down inside

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