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  • Plastics Processing..... How Plastic Resin Becomes Pipe, Valve, Etc.
    to melt plastic pellets. The molten plastic is then forced, under very high hydraulic pressure, into a mold. Cold water circulating inside the mold cools the plastic and it solidifies into the shape of the mold cavity, producing the fitting or valve component part. Molding machines are sized
  • Development of Low Inductance High Power Plastic Case Capacitors For The SNS
    voltages to 140 kV. This converter-modulator system requires seven unique, low inductance plastic case capacitors with applications ranging from 2 to 120kV, with voltage and current reversals up to 100%. The high-power switching waveforms require capacitors capable of running at high frequencies with high
  • Plastic Valves Installed in a Metal Piping System
    will be used within its temperature and pressure rating. Metal piping is often used because of high operating temperatures. Make sure the temperature/pressure range of the application is within the acceptable range for the plastic product you are considering. Chemical resistance needs to be checked
  • Fiber Laser Marking of Plastic: ABS
    ). • 3-Dimensional marking can be easily achieved. • High repetition rate is achievable. • Low frequency ( <20 kHz) – control of heat input;. processing of thermally sensitive plastic can be. controlled (increase in heat might cause the plastic to. melt). • Low M² - the depth of field is high. ©SPI
  • Benefits of Plastic Valves and Flow Control Products
    Since the introduction of PVC in the U.S. during the 1940's, thermoplastic valves, pipe and fittings have gained wide acceptance. They are often the material of choice for systems that were traditionally designed in metal. Unlike metal, however, plastic valves and components have a high resistance
  • Still-Pipe Use and Installation for Madison Ultrasonic Sensors
    be increased by at least one to two inches more than the minimum diameter. If the material to be monitored has a viscosity high enough to clog the pipe, or the suspended particulate is large enough to clog the pipe, the use of a still-pipe is not recommended. The inside wall of the pipe is to be smooth
  • Should Sheath Temperature Be Used in Assessing Suitability (.pdf)
    The typical heat tracing design is for a carbon steel pipe without any maximum temperature restriction on the fluid inside the pipe or the pipe itself. However, designs are sometimes needed for non-metallic pipes (plastic pipes), carbon steel pipes with liners, and for carbon steel pipes
  • Effects of Chlorinated Water on Plastic-Based Water Delivery Systems (.pdf)
    , primarily in fittings, because of the material’s. for all-plastic hot and cold potable water systems. PEX. reasonable hydrolytic stability at moderate temperatures,. systems have been thoroughly tested in aggressive. high crystallinity, low creep and relatively low water. chlorinated water
  • Animal Temperature Monitoring for Conservation and Research
    . Search Website. LiveZilla Live Help. Data Loggers. by Measurement. Temperature. Humidity. Voltage / Current. Strain Gauge. Vibrating Wire. Serial (RS-232). Universal Input. Special Purpose. More... by Application. Portable. Wireless. USB. High Speed. Vehicle. Environmental. Medical. Oven Profiling

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