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  • Common Questions on the Polyurethane Molding Process
    getting too deep into the chemistry of how urethane works, it can be. simply said that when these two parts are brought together a chemical reaction begins. Polyure-. thane is generally cast at high temperatures in order to get the reaction to go as fast as possible so. the wheel can be demolded
  • Medical Device Link . The Interaction of Plasma Proteins and Platelets with a Homologous Series of Polyurethanes
    indicated that intermediate-sized hard-segment domains with high phase purity are less thrombogenic in blood interaction than are those polyurethanes with larger or smaller hard-segment domains or less phase purity. The surface of polyurethane biomaterials should be well phase-separated and low
  • Medical Device Link . Environmental-Stress-Crack Resistance of Rigid Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
    . Table I lists selected physical properties of the two resins as published in the technical literature. According to these data, both grades are high-molecular-weight, predominantly hard-segment polyurethanes. They are formed via an addition polymerization process from a difunctional isocyanate
  • Interior Polyurethane Foam Bonding - FT 7951 (.pdf)
    . Adhesion Type Modified Acrylic Based Adhesive. Product Type. Double Coated Scrim. Application. Interior polyurethane foam bonding. Challenge. Ease of conversion combined with high. temperature resistance. Substrates. PU foams, melamine foams, PE foams,. PP, painted steel, ABS, TPO. PU Foam Strip Bonding
  • High Pressure FRP Fans for the Pharmaceutical Industry (.pdf)
    A large pharmaceutical company needed to vent a number of batch reactors. The reactor system vented chlorinated hydrocarbons and other corrosive chloride compounds to a thermal oxidizer system. The application required a chemical and spark resistant fan capable of achieving high static pressure
  • Plastics Consultancy Network - Polyurethane Rapid Products
    preparation for moulding was quite significant. The Moulding Tool. The mould was made "in house" under the guidance of Norman Berry. There were several issues to be considered: a) the very low production volume. b) the choice of material. c) the high density of the moulding and d) the tool handling
  • The Importance of Temperature Control in Liquid Molding
    Temperature/humidity control is extremely important in order to produce high-quality parts. Ideally, your materials, molds, and any ancillary components used in the process should all be maintained at an even temperature. Learning how to tweak these elements to your advantage is part of the "magic
  • Process temperature measurement practice--non-contacting
    temperature mea-. surement systems is from 0.70 to 14µm wavelengths. Al bodies emit infrared radiation, which is only visible. to human eyes at very high temperatures (glowing. iron). The goal in designing an infrared thermometer is. to capture as much of the emitted energy as possible. (the area under
  • Non-contact Temperature Measurement and Control (.pdf)
    . by dividing by the emissivity. For cases where the emissivity is low or variable it may be acceptable to paint a surface. with a coating of high, constant emissivity. This should be done with caution as the heat. lost by radiation wil be different for the coated and uncoated surfaces

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