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  • High-Speed Infrared Sensors for Temperature Monitoring
    Infrared sensors are the preferred choice for a temperature measurement in applications where the target is moving, especially when fast and non intrusive thermal readings need to be acquired. High demand for such infrared non contact devices led to a very attractive price performance ratio, which
  • High Nickel Alloys, High Temp Alloy Suppliers, High Temperature Alloys Etc.
    contact applications. Nickel in all alloys generally provides improved corrosion and high-temperature resistance. Thus a wide range of nickel alloys are used throughout aerospace, medicine and other fields because of the alloys' remarkable strength and proportional limits. Here at All Metals & Forge
    "Among elastomers commercially available, several are reasonably stable for prolonged periods at temperatures above 200*C (392*F); but at such temperatures, their strength characteristics are inadequate for many present day applications." This statement by Thor Smith. in 1962 is just as true
  • Thermomechanical Working of AL-6XN© Alloy for High Strength Corrosion Resistant Applications (.pdf)
    alloys in applications where high strength and corrosion resistance are essential. However, there are some applications where even higher strengths are needed while retaining the excellent corrosion resistance. Corrosion_2001.pdf THERMOMECHANICAL WORKING OF AL-6XN® ALLOY FOR HIGH STRENGTH
  • High Air Flow Fan
    energy consumption in products with equivalent performance. This document introduces the features and performance of the high air flow fan "San Ace 200" GV type (f200 mm x 70 mm thick) that was developed to respond to these market demands. ./bc3e9e91-3cd6-455b-8bd3-73fc77c16738 New Products
  • Recent Advances in High Voltage, High Energy Capacitor Technology (.pdf)
    dimensions of the film capacitor operating envelope. Examples of such advances include increased energy density, increased energy per unit, longer DC life at high energy density, lower temperature (cryogenic) operation, faster discharge capability, higher continuous working specific power, and higher
  • High Volume Laser Welding Applications
    markets (pacemakers &. and batch to batch variations in the strength of a. welded implantable devices). weld is not conducive to high volume automated. production. Minimizing such time based. fluctuations becomes the job of a specialist laser. maintenance crew. In many industries lasers are seen
  • The Effect of HVOF Thermal Spray on the Elevated Temperature High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of a Martensitic Stainless Steel (.pdf)
    various mechanical and physical attributes of both the coating and substrate influence this behavior. TP101. THE EFFECT OF HVOF THERMAL SPRAY ON THE ELEVATED. TEMPERATURE HIGH CYCLE FATIGUE BEHAVIOR OF A MARTENSITIC. STAINLESS STEEL. Anthony Tipton. Dresser-Rand

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  • High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites
    ...Mechanical Loading D. Koch, G. Grathwohl, Keramische Werkstoffe und Bauteile, Universitdt Bremen (D) Oxidation Behaviour of a Fibre Reinforced SiC(f/Al2O3-Composite F. Porz, K. Sindermann, M. Hoffmann, Institutfur Keramik im Maschinenbau, Universitdt Karlsruhe (D) High Temperature Strength of Directionally-Solidified Al2O3...
  • Handbook of Ceramic Composites
    The advantageous properties of CVI SiC/SiC composites such as their excellent high temperature strength , creep and corrosion resistances, low density, high toughness, resis- tance to shocks, fatigue and damage, and reliability make them ideal candidates for the replacement of metals and ceramics...
  • Alloys
    The cobalt chromium base alloy known as Vitallium developed in 1936 for the precision casting of dentures was found to posses unusually high temperature strength at temperatures of the order of 815 "C and was used .
  • Advanced Structural Ceramics
    High temperature strength of silicon carbide ceramics sintered with rare-earth oxide and aluminum nitride.
  • Structure-Property Relations in Nonferrous Metals
    Pure β as good high temperature strength , but its room - temperature brittleness makes it is unsuitable for engineering use unless it is quenched to retain a metastable β phase at room temperature.
  • Advanced Steels
    The high temperature strength is mainly attained by precipitation strengthening with stable nano precipitates.
  • Advances in material technology for fossil power plants
    At that time the author had already developed TAF steel whose high temperature strength was the highest of all high Cr ferritic steels, and had long term data (104 to 105 hrs) at high temperature(3]-[13].
  • Titanium '95
    Neal and Pox'" state that on a percentage basis silicon is the most effective additive for high temperature strength and creep resistance.