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  • NTC Thermistor Application Guide
    semiconductors and ICs exhibit a temperature coefficient and require temperature compensation to produce stable performance over a wide temperature range. Owing to their high positive temperature coefficient, NTC thermistors are particularly suitable for this kind of compensation. Inrush current suppressing
  • The Truth About Thermistors
    Thermistors were so named by Bell Telephone Laboratories and the name is a contraction for thermal resistors. They are resistors with a high temperature coefficient of resistance and their resistance is a function of absolute temperature. Thermistors are not new. They have been known for about 160
  • Special Thermistors Limit Inrush Current
    High inrush current can be produced when equipment is turned on. If steps are not taken to minimize this inrush current, it can damage power devices and reduce equipment life. A safe and cost effective way to reduce inrush current is to use an inrush current limiter (Surge Limiter), which
  • Getting temperatures right
    accuracy without extensive calibration requires thermocouples made with a minimum number of elements -- such as a Type T, J, or G. Thermistors perform best in applications that need high-accuracy over a relatively narrow temperature range. Typically, they work at less than 300 C, though some special
  • High Accuracy Temperature Measurement
    There are many different approaches and techniques for measuring temperature, but one of the most fundamental issues involves understanding the application at hand. A basic evaluation of the application would include: * Physical environment * Test sample physical constraints * Temperature range
  • Reliability Study Conducted: Leadless Chip Thermistor with High Temperature Solder Leach Resistant Gold Contacts, Die Mounted with Eutectic Au/Sn Solder by Customer (.pdf)
    This report is a summary of the information contained in the full report with the file name. "CornerstoneT041ThermReliabilityReport.pdf," which came from a customer of Cornerstone Sensors, hereinafter named "Customer," whose name has been withheld due to Customer's request for confidentiality. The
  • Troubleshooting Thermocouple Wiring
    When it comes to temperature probes, users have many sensor types to choose from, including thermistors, RTDs and thermocouples. Thermocouples come in many different types and tend to be the most commonly used probe due to their low cost, high durability, and wide temperature range.
  • Basic Techniques for Accurate Resistance Measurement
    a few simple ways you can reduce error and improve accuracy at the low, mid- and high resistance ranges.

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