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  • Shopping In Electrical - Big Bruin
    Electric 108322 - 1 hp 1800 RPM 56C Frame 12 Volts DC TEFC Leeson Electric Motor # 108322 Low voltage permanent magnet DC motors are suitab for installations having battery or solar powered operations. High starting torques for heavy load applications.
  • Advances on IPM technology for hybrid cars and impact in developing countries
    Sustained and extensive research, development, analysis, control and application of IPM motors are progressing in leaps and bounds for the past two decades [ 12 -47], perhaps even exceeding Merrill’s dream [2] and Alger’s expectation. The key requirements of IPM motors and generators for traction applications in hybrid electric vehicles are: Large torque and higher power density, High torque at low speeds for … … Optimum compromise between motor peak torque and inverter volt -ampere ratings Short term …
  • Plant Maintenance Product | Ohio Electric Motors' explosion-proof DC motors feature NEMA frames 48 and 56 | Plant Services
    Ohio Electric Motors ’ custom-designed, explosion-proof DC motors are engineered for hazardous environments. The explosion-proof motor line features NEMA frames 48 and 56 with an output range from 1/8 HP to 1.25 HP, 12 to 180 volts and 500 to 4000 RPM. Other features include sealed ball bearings with high temperature grease, low loss steel laminations, NEMA-rated magnet wire, high start up torque , precision dynamic balancing, high temperature polyester varnish impregnated armatures, UL and CSA Listed (Class 1, Groups C, D; Class 2 …
  • The development of electrical anemometers
    The Desynn receiver by itself is not capable of producing enough torque to operate the recorder, but the torque amplifier enables the power of a small electric motor to be used for this purpose. This arrangement has the advantage of being operated by a 12 - volt d.c. supply. … developed by the Admiralty Gunnery Establishment, is not yet in quantity production, and its cost is high .
  • Company Analysis: Company Profiles: New Product Development - Delco Remy
    The new starter generates 8.5kW at 12 volts output, making it the most powerful starter in the market. • In October 2009, Remy introduced its first "off-the-shelf" electric motor , HVH25 for H&EVs. The motor supports the company's patented HVH technology for high -power and torque density.
  • A high performance and cost effective drive based power conditioner for critical applications
    Adjustable-speed drives (ASD) have revolutionized the industrial automation, leading to higher efficiency and productivity. Approximately 75% of all electric motor driven applications require a variable speed, variable torque or both [1], in industrial applications such as pumps, fans, compressors, cranes, paper mills, steel mills, rolling mills, elevators, machine tools, etc. The majority of ASD applications are satisfied with general-purpose induction motor drives using volts -per-hertz control [2], with a world market volume of $ 12 billion and an annual growth rate of 15% [3].
  • Mercedes-Benz Announces Details of SLS E-Cell
    The system comprises four electric motors located near its wheels that provide a peak power output of 392kW and 649lb/ft of torque , and spin at up to 12,000 rpm. Power is supplied by a 400- volt battery comprising 12 modules of 72 lithium-ion polymer cells, and is charged by means of recuperation during braking while the car is being driven. An electronic control system converts the direct current from the high -voltage battery into a three-phase …
  • Downsizing by combustion engines
    Expediently, come the actuators electromagnetic here for insert that can be operated with the available board network voltage of 12 volts and need about 30 W or 10 W electric power in the active operation per cylinder (stand-By). Through the pulse charging, the high torques up to the idling speed can be maintained without it needs a length adjustment of the suction tubes. … weaknesses concerning the Low-End-Torque as well as the available torque in the transient motor operation.
  • Information Technology Applications in Industry
    If it is higher then the vehicle may run all electric (no required torque needed). We took for analysis in ADVISOR, an urban cycle called CYC_UDDS meaning 12 km of urban traffic … We have chosen to test a parallel architecture with 41kw ICE, 25 modules of lead batteries (rated voltage: Vnom=308 volts ), a 75Kw electric motor , and initial SOC of 0.7.
  • The Automotive Transmissions Report
    The DCT enables a power-split configuration with the electric motor driving the even-numbers gear shaft so that torque can be transmitted through either or both shafts. The system also enables the use of a high -speed electric motor, which brings advantages in terms … … incorporates a 15kW (20hp) electric motor capable of electric driving up to 20kph ( 12 mph) while the … Both use 48- volt architecture.
  • Gimbal actuator
    Also, electronic means are needed to change the 28 vdc power supply to 100 volts , which is required for GA candidate stepping motors . A high starting torque is available with stepping motors. … torque magnitude available depends on the timing (or phase) and period of the electric pulse relative to … An example torque magnitude-position curve is shown in Figure 12 .
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  • Insight Weekly – 17th November 2014
    … in the family are powered by an ARM Cortex®-M3 core and offers high processing efficiency as … This enables smooth implementation of complex commutation schemes, optimising the size- torque ratio of the electric motor . In addition, the devices can further be directly supplied by the 12 - volt car batteries with no need of external voltage regulators.