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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
6AQ7GT Radwell Phillips Components, Tube VACUUM TUBE TWIN DIODE HIGH MT TRIODE 8PIN 6.3V .3
6AQ7GT Radwell Ecg Components, Tube VACUUM TUBE TWIN DIODE HIGH MT TRIODE 8PIN 6.3V .3
6AQ7GT Radwell Philips Components, Tube VACUUM TUBE TWIN DIODE HIGH MT TRIODE 8PIN 6.3V .3

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  • Sorting out vacuum-pump technology
    compressed air passing through an orifice increases its velocity and lowers its air pressure. Ambient air is drawn in through channels in the generator, creating suction and vacuum. The air stream exits through the exhaust. In high-pressure manufacturing environments where every second counts
  • Vacuum systems accelerate chip production
    explains. The challenge of late, says Buerkel, has been to design vacuum systems that meet OEM demands for higher speeds. Parker has recently introduced several fast-acting devices such as the MC3 high-speed integrated venturi, VA01 vacuum valve for centralized vacuum systems, and pressure sensors
  • Controlling wafer transport in a vacuum environment
    at the workspace. According to Dan Hutcheson at VLSI Research (San Jose), the semiconductor industry is building about 25 fabs a year. At such a high cost, however, it's difficult to justify the economics. Process tools within the fab cost millions of dollars. As a result, each process tool must contribute
  • Straight Talk on Wobble-Piston Pumps
    instruments, patient monitors, and other medical equipment. The large Model 2750 weighs 20 lb and produces 30-psi maximum with 5.35-cfm open flow. Applications range from oxygen concentrators to copy machines. Altitude can have a significant effect on pump performance, particularly at high pressures
  • Medical Device Link .
    be built with component upgrades for processing of corrosive polymers and high-temperature materials. Extruder sizes range from 3 ¼4 to 13 ¼4 in., and are available as adjustable height, tilt, and swing, or fixed-height stand-alone
  • Electrical Feedthroughs
    interface with high and ultrahigh vacuum environments.
  • Medical Device Link .
    has developed a two-component mold for syringe plungers, thus eliminating assembly operations. Metal-injection molding is touted by another company as a time-saving technique for the high-volume production of intricate metal components. On the equipment and tooling front, a continuous vacuum forming
  • Glass Enclosed Ionization Gauge Tube Pin-Out Pattern
    MDC glass enclosed ionization gauge tubes are designed for high and ultrahigh vacuum measurements between 1x10-3 to 2x10-10 Torr. Glass enclosed ionization tubes, commonly referred to as a Bayard-Alpert gauge tubes, consist of several components including a resistive filament, a positively charged

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