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  • Pressure Gauge Installation, Operation and Maintenance (.pdf)
    be specified. For special applications, other materials such as Monel® can. be used as well. Diaphragm seals may also be considered. Please consult Winters Instruments for assistance. Pulsation. If pressures are expected to pulsate violently, oscillate with high frequency or occur with sudden shock
    the zero even further. 4,500. 25.36. 12.45. Barometric pressure also affects the zero reading. Barometric pressure could potentially. 5,000. 24.89. 12.23. swing as much as 1 PSI, (typical high -30.6 in. Hg to typical low -28.5 in. Hg) depending. 10,000. 20.58. 10.1. on weather conditions. For example
  • Filters for Vacuum Pumps (.pdf)
    or as a "forepump " to. Pneumatic Conveying. Degassing liquids & steel. exhaust a high vacuum pump. The choice of pump depends on. Distillation. Freeze drying. its useful operating vacuum range and the application type. Incandescent & neon lights. • Conductance: An important factor in a vacuum
  • Nude Ionization Gauge Tube Pin-Out Patterns
    MDC nude ionization gauge tubes are designed for high and ultrahigh vacuum measurements between 1x10-3 to 2x10-11 Torr. Like their glass enclosed counterparts, these are also hot cathode ionization types. The main difference being their method of construction. Nude gauges allow for easy replacement
  • Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters Application Note(.pdf)
    of vacuum pumps. the exhaust ports of the pumps. the exhaust of a vacuum pump are. Vacuum pumps by nature produce. submicron in size and are typically. Before purchasing vacuum exhaust. high levels of oil mist and smoke that. at elevated temperatures. Filters. filters, M.S. Kennedy had visible oil
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Vacuum Accessories and Systems
    or unusually high system demands. It also prevents possible overloading of. the pump. A receiver is a common system element when vacuum pumps operate intermittently. In. vacuum applications requiring high flow for short periods-with long intervals between de-. mand-even a small vacuum pump, running
  • Case Study: Filtration Systems Help Meat Packer Maintain High Quality
    pressure. The final filter, a 0.01 micron absolute membrane filter, provides clean, commercially sterile supply of high purity nitrogen. The controls on the nitrogen generator consist of an operating pressure gauge, a flowmeter and flow control valve, an outlet pressure regulator and final gauge. Proper
  • Choosing the Right Mixer for High-Viscosity Mixing Applications (.pdf)
    and the Disperser blade. This test was successful, with a. reading of 5 on the Hegman Gauge. But experience in similar applications suggested that a switch. to a higher-viscosity mixer might accelerate the process and improve end-product quality. Design 2. PowerMix - High Speed Disperser and Planetary Blade

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