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  • Nude Ionization Gauge Tube Pin-Out Patterns
    MDC nude ionization gauge tubes are designed for high and ultrahigh vacuum measurements between 1x10-3 to 2x10-11 Torr. Like their glass enclosed counterparts, these are also hot cathode ionization types. The main difference being their method of construction. Nude gauges allow for easy replacement
  • Glass Enclosed Ionization Gauge Tube Pin-Out Pattern
    MDC glass enclosed ionization gauge tubes are designed for high and ultrahigh vacuum measurements between 1x10-3 to 2x10-10 Torr. Glass enclosed ionization tubes, commonly referred to as a Bayard-Alpert gauge tubes, consist of several components including a resistive filament, a positively charged
  • Vacuum-formed films for fit and function
    High-performance films can replace injectionmolded plastics when space is at a premium. Welch Fluorocarbon Inc. Dover, N.H. As many of today's medical-device manufacturers produce smaller and smaller assemblies, the space available for powerful batteries is extremely tight. In such tight quarters
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    not need maintenance for the first 20,000 hours. An optional soft-start speed control automatically slows the pumps when gas loads are small and increases speed if the pressure starts to rise. 2419 Smallman St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222. High-flow dry vacuum pumps are available in pumping speeds of 3.1
  • Medical Device Link .
    of electrons traveling through a vacuum. The FED, however, is matrix-addressed, one entire row at a time with millions of electron-emitting cathodes. These emitters are a fraction of a millimeter (or up to 5 mm in the case of high-voltage FEDs) away from the phosphor screen, and they are produced
  • Product Showcase and Marketplace
    Moisture Measurement of Bulk Materials Discover the MM710, an intelligent, high-speed, accurate gauge for online measurement of moisture and other organics in bulk materials. We also offer Powder-Vision, which provides moisture and other key constituent measurements of powder in enclosed ducting
  • MICRO: Prod Tech News
    becomes critical. USJ formation requires accurately defined spike anneals that limit high-temperature exposure of the wafer to fractions of a second. The tool features a model-based temperature and control system that provides high uniformity, repeatability, and reliability. Its good spike anneal
  • Industrial Knive & Blade Manufacturing Data
    against straight edge and deviation measured with feeler gauges.). Runout: Side runout or wobble, using flanges 1/3 diameter of blade. Up to 24": .0005" per inch of diameter; minimum of .004"*. High speed blades with wide bevels are exceptions. Peripheral runout or hop if blade not honed: .003" T.I.R.

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