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  • Capacitive Touch Using Only an ADC (CVD) (.pdf)
    This application note describes a new hardware sensing method called Capacitive Voltage Divider (CVD) which uses no external components. Capacitive Touch Using Only an ADC (CVD) App. Note AN1298. Capacitive Touch Using Only an ADC (“CVD”). Sensing Steps. Authors: Thomas Perme. Dieter Peter
  • An Overview of Electromagnetic and Lightning Induced Voltage Transients (.pdf)
    oscillations depend on the L and C parameters. Repeatable Transients. of the circuit. Another important point to remember is that the. secondary side will be part of a capacitive divider network in. A sudden change in the electrical conditions of any circuit. series with the transformer interwinding
    to cathode through isolator 5. A voltage pulse in case. of RADAN-220 generator had a leading front width ∼0.5 ns, amplitude ∼220 kV. and ∼2 ns FWHM. Pulse repetition rate was 1 Hz. For registration of the voltage. on discharge gap we used capacitive voltage divider 6. FEK-22 SPU photocathode
  • AN-0200 - OC100HG Push-Pull Driver in Pockels Cells Switching Methods
    The OC100HG push-pull configuration is useful for driving strictly capacitive loads or very. high resistive impedance loads. Low capacitance loads can be driven at relatively high. speeds, while large capacitance loads can be slowly charged to a desired voltage. Microsoft Word - OC100HG Push-Pull
  • Medical Device Link .
    Capacitive data transmission technology allows noncontacting transmission of high data rates for applications such as CT scanners that require an inner bore diameter of 1.5 m. The system fulfills all industrial EMC requirements regarding emissions and noise susceptibility. Parallel links can
  • Using Single Supply Operational Amplifiers in Embedded Systems
    is used to drive heavy loads, the amplifier. negative voltages are usually not possible. that is actually selected must be specified to provide. the required output currents. Another application where. R1. R2. this circuit may be used is to drive capacitive loads. Not. every amplifier is capable
  • Using Single Supply Operational Amplifiers in Embedded Systems
    where the analog signal source has a relatively. high impedance, as compared to the impedance of the. –. *. V. following circuitry. If this occurs, there will be a voltage. OUT. MCP601. V. loss with the signal, as a consequence of the voltage. IN. divider between the source’s impedance and the fol
  • Differential VCO Design for GSM Handset Applications
    The differential pair of bipolar transistors is the common building. block in modern RF integrated circuits. An advantage of this. architecture is its high loop gain making it popular for differential. Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) designs in RFICs. Designers of. discrete (or hybrid) VCO

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