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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DM300020 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided 3-Phase High Voltage Power Module is optimized for 3-phase motor applications that require DC bus voltages up to 400 volts and can deliver up to 1 kW power output. The high voltage module has an active power factor correction circuit that is controlled by the dsPIC30F device. This power module...

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  • Isolation Transformer to Perform Line Leakage or Functional Run Tests
    Associated Research strongly recommends the use of an isolation transformer or isolated power source for powering up the Device Under Test (DUT) when performing the Line Leakage or Functional Run tests. This white paper covers the various reasons for isolating the DUT power source during
  • Isolation Transformers Increase Safety of Electronic Systems (.pdf)
    Adequate isolation between a power source and a user of electronic equipment ensures the safety of that equipment. Given the high voltages that exist in modern electronic equipment, proper isolation protects an operator from contact with excessive electrical energy should a short circuit occur
  • Wideband Transformers
    and output. 4. Ground isolation for common mode rejection. 5. Signal distribution and mixing. Figure 1. Elementary Matching Transformer. Baluns are transformers designed to interface balanced. Such practical mat ers as grounding the source or load. and unbalanced circuits. In an "unbalanced
  • Wideband Transformer Characteristics
    of wideband transformers are: Specified for balanced output windings. Alternately a. Input and Output Impedances. Common Mode Rejection (CMR) may be specified. Impedances are determined by the source and load. Isolation. impedances to be interfaced by the transformer. Inasmuch. as the transformer
  • High-Voltage ICs
    isolation between transistors, whichever is most restrictive. The ICs are fabricated on low-resistivity silicon wafers to reduce power loss and improve device speed. Wafer resistivity is lowered by heavy doping. But junctions formed in heavily doped material have low breakdown voltages. High-voltage
  • How to Set Up an Isolation Transformer with Balanced AC Output for Your Home Theatre Components
    . With hi-fi equipment, electrical noise manifests itself as audible noise in the speakers. Obviously, this is undesirable. One way of reducing noise is by using an isolation transformer that has the same output voltage at the secondary as in the primary. The transformer acts as a band-pass filter
  • White Paper: Comparing Transformer-free to Transformer-based UPS Designs
    . For high-power enterprise data centers and other critical applications, a state-of-the-art transformer-based. UPS still provides an edge in availability. Transformers within the UPS provide integrated fault management. and galvanic isolation as well as greater compatibility with critical power distribution
  • Transformer Design for Charging Defibrillator Capacitors
    several advantages - 1) Simple circuit. 2) High voltage output is not dependent on large turns ratios. 3) Circuit is self limiting. Output can be shorted without damage. 4) Output can be regulated over a large range. 5) Transformer can provide voltage isolation. 6) Multiple isolated outputs

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