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  • Transformer Design for Charging Defibrillator Capacitors
    several advantages - 1) Simple circuit. 2) High voltage output is not dependent on large turns ratios. 3) Circuit is self limiting. Output can be shorted without damage. 4) Output can be regulated over a large range. 5) Transformer can provide voltage isolation. 6) Multiple isolated outputs
  • Technical Article: Ferroresonant Transformer Advantages & Disadvantages
    The ferro voltage regulator, by its unique design, provides good isolation of load equipment from line noise and surges. The output voltage regulation is also smooth so long as the manufacturer has taken steps to minimize the distortion that is caused by operation in the saturation region. Ferro
  • Circuit Ideas: High-efficiency dc/dc conversion
    connected to the primary of an isolation transformer. High efficiency comes from careful choice of the C value and use of fast synchronous rectifier drive circuitry. An example is the converter shown in the accompanying diagram which delivers 3.3 V at 30 A from a 48-V source with over 92% efficiency
  • High Speed and Safety Reinforced Digital Isolator for Endoscope and Medical Imaging Applications
    isolation so the sensor won't shock the. patient. The combination of high speed and stringent safety requirements. presents signifi cant challenges to isolation. design and often resulted in expensive solution, e.g. fi ber optics. With latest transformer on fl ex technology. developed by Avago
  • Active and Passive Isolators
    Alternating voltages and alternating currents can easily be transmitted and electrically isolated using transformers. Transformers are reliable, easy to produce and suitable for high working voltages (isolation voltages) when configured accordingly. The transformers are not suitable
  • UltraVolt HVPS Output-Current Monitor
    UltraVolt's high-voltage power supplies (HVPSs) have an output-current monitor (Iout Monitor), which allows the total output current of the HV multiplier to be monitored. Note, since the sense circuit is in the return path to the transformer, the current-monitor signal has a sign opposite
  • Switching power supply design rules
    in a full-resonant converter. When the main switch, Q1, turns on, about a half cycle of current flows through the switch, transferring the energy from the input source to an LC circuit composed of Lr and Cr. The transformer here provides voltage scaling, electrical isolation from primary to secondary

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