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  • How Opto-couplers Work
    diode. Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - How Opto-Couplers Work. You are here: VMI Home Page > New Products > How Opto-couplers Work Contact Us. How High Voltage Opto-couplers Work OC-100 Family of High Voltage High Gain Opto-Coupler. The OC100 family
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Opto-couplers
    . Photo diode Vrwm. Potting material. Package size. Custom configurations. Processing. FAQs about High Voltage Opto-couplers. You are here: VMI Home Page > FAQs > Opto-couplers Contact Us. Frequently Asked Questions about Opto-couplers. Quick Link Reference. Long term Gain
  • AN-0000 - General Opto-coupler Notes
    of equipment & user from high voltages. ·. Interfacing safe & hazardous areas in intrinsic safety applications. Typical opto-coupler applications. ·. HV switching. ·. Contact closure. ·. External voltage sensing. ·. HV isolation. ·. Mass spectrometry. 8711 W. Roosevelt Ave. Visalia, CA 93271 Phone: (559
  • AN-0100 - Using a VMI Opto-coupler in Conjunction with High Voltage Relays
    , the voltage must be very precise and low-noise. But the concept. can be applied to any configuration where a relay is used to switch between sources that. involve high voltage. screening_guides Voltage Multipliers, Inc. Application Note AN-0100. July 2002. Using a VMI Opto-coupler in Conjunction
  • AN-0300 - High Voltage Op-Amp Application Using Opto-Couplers
     .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .          August 2010 .  . Construction of a high DC loop gain and High Bandwidth High . Voltage Op‐Amp using Two Optocouplers in a Push‐Pull Configuration .  . Authored by Daniel Deschenes .  .  .  . VMI’s line of uniquely designed optically coupled diodes allow the . construction of high
  • Low-Cost, High-Speed I2C Isolation with Digital Isolators
    Many articles have been published using opto-couplers for I2C isolation. These circuits are somewhat complex, sensitive to bus capacitance, and limited in speed. They are also not compatible with high-speed digital isolators having standard CMOS input levels. This application note shows how
  • Output Voltage Adjustment In DC/DC Converters
    to the dynamic or transient response of. the converter (see References for more details). R2´ = R2//(RA+RX). Eq.3. +Vout. R1. TRIM. LOW. PWM. RA. Vo ADJ. -. OPTO. ERROR. RX. COUPLER. OP-AMP+. CURRENT. TRIM. SUMMING. R2. HIGH. POINT. VREF. -Vout. FIGURE 1. Typical output control stage of a DC/DC
  • * Optimizing High-Voltage Common Mode Rejection Performance of the APCL-x6xL Ultra-Low Power Optocouplers
    The ACPL-x6xL products are optically coupled ultra-low. power 10 MBd digital CMOS opto couplers that operate. with low power consumption, especially when the light. emitting diode (LED) operates at low current. When. a current is applied to drive the LED, common mode. rejection (CMR) can be aff

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