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Parts by Number for High Voltage Optocoupler Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CNY65AGRST Allied Electronics, Inc. VISHAY SILICONIX Not Provided Semiconductor,Optocoupler;600 mil High Voltage Isolation Dist;CTR,100-300%;SMD-4
CNY66B Allied Electronics, Inc. VISHAY SILICONIX Not Provided Semiconductor,Optocoupler;700 mil High Voltage Isolation Dist;CTR,100-200%;DIP-4
CNY64B Allied Electronics, Inc. VISHAY SILICONIX Not Provided Semiconductor,Optocoupler;400 mil High Voltage Isolation Dist;CTR,100-200%;DIP-4
OPI125TXV Allied Electronics, Inc. OPTEK TECHNOLOGY Not Provided Optocoupler; Logic; Axial; Totem Pole; HIGH VOLTAGE PHOTOLOGIC
CPC1302G ASAP Semiconductor CLARE Not Provided Optocoupler with bidirectional input and a high-voltage Darl
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  • AN-0100 - Using a VMI Opto-coupler in Conjunction with High Voltage Relays
    . July 2002. Using a VMI Optocoupler in Conjunction with High Voltage Relays. Figure 4: Switching using relays and optocouplers. Here the sequence is: Figure 4: Switching using relays and opto-couplers. Here the sequence is: From high voltage to low voltage: Initial state: ISO1 on; ISO2 off; relay K1
  • AN-0300 - High Voltage Op-Amp Application Using Opto-Couplers
    Op-Amp, but in this case, differential output currents are optically. coupled to a pair of optocoupler cells in series across high voltage rails. Microsoft Word - HV OP AMP APP NOTE _2_.docx Voltage Multipliers, Inc.                  .  .  . Application Note:   AN­0300
  • How Opto-couplers Work
    diode. Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - How Opto-Couplers Work. You are here: VMI Home Page > New Products > How Opto-couplers Work Contact Us. How High Voltage Opto-couplers Work OC-100 Family of High Voltage High Gain Opto-Coupler. The OC100 family
  • Improve Lithium-Ion Battery-Stack Safety in Electric Vehicles by Leveraging Optocouplers to Isolate High Voltages
    There are many challenges associated with high-voltage. Li-ion battery-stack management in all-electric or hybrid. automotive applications. Charge and discharge cycles. must be monitored and controlled, and the battery stack,. which often delivers voltages of several hundred volts, has
  • Isolator vs. Optocoupler Technology
    barrier. The isolator output state is determined by either an input logic level or an input current (similar to the optocoupler), depending on the part number. The heart of any digital isolator is the isolation barrier that safely withstands the applied high-voltage stress. The optocoupler isolation
  • NEC Optocouplers General Overview
    . accomplished by the double molding package structure. to the PS2700, PS2800, and PS2900 series photocouplers. In addition to high isolation voltage, the PS2500 photocou-. The PS2500 series photocouplers are divided into. plers boast high heat resistance and high humidity. PS2501, PS2502, PS2505
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Opto-couplers
    . Photo diode Vrwm. Potting material. Package size. Custom configurations. Processing. FAQs about High Voltage Opto-couplers. You are here: VMI Home Page > FAQs > Opto-couplers Contact Us. Frequently Asked Questions about Opto-couplers. Quick Link Reference. Long term Gain
  • AN-0000 - General Opto-coupler Notes
    of equipment & user from high voltages. ·. Interfacing safe & hazardous areas in intrinsic safety applications. Typical opto-coupler applications. ·. HV switching. ·. Contact closure. ·. External voltage sensing. ·. HV isolation. ·. Mass spectrometry. 8711 W. Roosevelt Ave. Visalia, CA 93271 Phone: (559

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